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How To Take Screenshot on iPhone 11/11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max!

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, most probably you are trying to figure out how to take a screenshot on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Well, I don't blame you, since Apple has taken away the physical home button even many of the long time iPhone users who are making a shift from earlier models...

How Useful is iOS 6 in 2020?

I want you to take a moment and remember a nice Friday evening, the month is May and the year is 2012. Maybe you were taking the bus home from work and scrolling Facebook to see what your friends were up to tonight? or maybe you were texting that cute girl that you finally worked up the courage to talk to today!...

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update)

The PUBG Mobile developers have been trying really hard to patch every secret location and glitch since the inception of the game. It may be 2020 and guess what? They haven't been done just yet! You may think you know every secret location and glitch in PUBG Mobile and if you are one of them, I am here to tell...

Five Reasons Why Not To Buy iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus in 2020?

Five reasons why not to buy iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus in 2020? Before we start, let me make a couple of things known before we get going. The price of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus in the United States is hovering anywhere from $ 100 for used, refurbished to around 300 USD on the high end.

How To Clear RAM On iOS 13 (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max)

New Gen iPhones Powered by 4 GB of RAM are designed to deliver the best experience while multi-tasking. iPhones generally do a good job managing RAM and they perform admirably well, whether you play high-intensity games or surf web for hours with multiple tabs open. However, if you keep using your device extensively for long hours, you may require to clear RAM...