With an extensive study of what you should buy and what is the best bargain for the buck, we’ve come up with a list of some brilliant budget phones under 20000 INR. To our surprise, we found that due to the ever-increasing competition in the market you can find features like quad camera and reverse charging in a budget phone which was once deemed as features of a premium phone.

1. Samsung Galaxy M31s (Best Overall)

best mobile phone

It would be only fair to call the Samsung Galaxy M31s a beast. With a massive battery capacity of 6000mAh, reverse charging and a 25W fast charging, it’s hard to not consider this phone. To put it in perspective, 6000 mAh should last you 2 full days of regular use. With a beautiful 6.5-inch AMOLED display you are sure to get those deep blacks and high contrast. Not only the display is great, but this phone also has a quad-camera setup with a whopping 64 megapixels primary camera. Not convinced yet? What if I told you it could shoot 4K at 30 fps, electronically stabilized. The M31s rocks an Exynos 9611 processor which can handle mobile gaming like a cakewalk. This phone starts at ₹19,499. 

2. Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (Runner Up)

best mobile phone runner up

To put it in perspective, everything the Redmi Note 9 Pro does, the Pro Max does it better, just as the name suggests. It weighs a hefty 209 grams but the battery capacity of 5020 mAh and the 33 W fast charging makes up for it. Redmi claims that it charges up to 50% in 30 mins. With an LCD of 6.67 inches, this phone comes with one of the biggest screens this list has to offer. On top of that, it can shoot 960 frames per second at 720p. What does that mean? Slow-mo, ultra slow-mo capabilities. You can shoot an iconic scene like Matrix for just ₹16,999. 

3. Redmi Note 9 Pro (Best Value)

best mobile phone best value

Is 16,999 exceeding your budget by a narrow margin? Redmi Note 9 Pro is the answer. Essentially the same phone with missing features that won’t be noticeable in your daily experience. Same screen size, same battery capacity, same processor. But like the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, this one’s better if you’re a social beast. Because with 119˚ of coverage in your photos you can fit almost anything in that frame. You can pick one of your liking, based on your needs. All in all, it’s a great buy starting from ₹13999.

4. Samsung Galaxy M31

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You love One UI, but you don’t have the budget for the staggeringly priced Note 20? Well lucky for you, both come with the same UI, which means it comes with similar user experience. Sure the M31s comes with a few extra bells and whistles, but is it worth the extra 2k? Well, it depends on your priorities and budget, what would you rather have, a Samsung phone or a Samsung phone with 2k to spare. It’s also lighter on your hand and in your pocket with up to 15% less weight. You don’t need the extra weight metaphorically and literally. The M31s is basically the M31 with some extra features. Same storage, same RAM, same primary camera, and same battery. 

5. Vivo Z1x

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The Vivo Z1x has the smallest screen among this list. But it’s no slouch, with 6.38 inches worth of real estate you’ll be able to see everything with the same clarity if not better. The Z1x weighs a mere 190g, and it comes with a delightful 4500 mAh battery and a blazing fast 22.5W charger. Does your smartwatch or TWS support wireless charging? If it doesn’t you should be getting one that does, because the Vivo Z1x comes with Reverse charging. The Z1x has a beautiful AMOLED display and is powered by the Snapdragon 700 series processor. What does that mean? In short, get ready to be transported to another dimension while gaming. All this for ₹17,449. Don’t think twice.

6. Oppo A52

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At only 4 months old, the Oppo A52 is one of the newest kid in the block. But beware, because he’s no slump. The A52 comes with an LTPS LCD Display (Low-Temperature PolySilicon). How does it help? As the name suggests, and anything that helps in cooling, helps in gaming. Now pair that with the 24-bit/192kHz audio and the stereo speakers. That’s a winner. Sooner than later video game consoles might become obsolete. But mobile gaming is only seeing an upward slope. Be at the forefront of mobile gaming by being prepared just at ₹16,999.

7. Oppo F15

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You know you’re in 2020 when the average size of your phone screen is somewhere in the 6″ category. But because of bigger screens, we’re burdened with the weight of extra weight. What if I told you that the lightest phone in this list weighs only a mere 172 grams. Now 172 grams is not revolutionary, but being that light with a massive 6.4-inch display is commendable. The F15 can now take you from 0 – 50% in just under 30 minutes. If you’re on the move and traveling for meetings daily, look no further. For ₹16,999 this should be the one you go for.

8. Redmi Note 9

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Yes, this is the 3rd Redmi Note 9 phone that I have mentioned in this list. But why not, it’s a nice phone with an even nicer value. You’ve got your essentials like a beautiful display, massive screen, up to 128 gigs of storage, and a quad-camera setup. When was the last time you saw a phone which gives you 4 cameras at just over 10k? Sorry iPhone users, just make a better choice the next time. Oh and fun fact, this phone rocks a battery capacity which is bigger than that of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S20, which is quite literally about 10x the price. ₹11,999, remember that.

9. Nokia 5.3

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The Nokia 5.3 is an easy pick for anyone that’s trying to get their hands on a pure Google experience, no bloatware, no additional apps, and more than anything no third-party cringe-worthy UI. The stock Android experience does not come cheap, but Nokia has found a way to deliver it to you guys. And no, this isn’t its only feature. It’s paired with a 6.55-inch display and is powered by the Snapdragon 655 with up to 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs for storage and complementing that is a 4000 mAH battery to power. Get the pure stock android experience only for ₹13,999.

10. Vivo S1 Pro

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Vivo has placed itself in the market as a camera phone and rightly so, the Vivo S1 Pro comes with a remarkable 32 megapixels front selfie camera. Some brands don’t even have this kind of quality on their flagship phones. *cough* Apple *cough* All that, and still has all the essentials you need for a phone in 2020. Good battery, fast charging, 8 gigs of ram, and 128 gigs of storage. Looking good has never been affordable, but looking better can’t get any more affordable. At ₹19,999 this phone is a steal deal.

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NamePriceWeightDisplaySizeProcessorStorageRAMCamerasPrimary3.5 MMBatteryChargingClaimsLink
Samsung Galaxy M31s19,499203Amoled6.5Exynos 96111288Quad64Yes600025WReverse ChargingLink
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max16,999209LCD6.67Snapdragon 720G64/1286/8Quad64Yes502033W50 in 30Link
Redmi Note 9 Pro13,999209IPS LCD6.67Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G64/128/2566/8Quad64Yes502030WLink
Samsung Galaxy M3117,499191Amoled6.4Exynos 961164/1286/8Triple64Yes600015WLink
Vivo Z1x17,449189Amoled6.38Snapdragon 71264/1286/8Triple48Yes450022.5WReverse ChargingLink
Oppo A5216,999192IPS LCD6.5Qualcomm Snapdragon 66564/1284/6/2008Quad12Yes500018WLink
Oppo F1516,999172Amoled6.4Mediatek Helio P701288Quad48Yes402520W50 in 30Link
Redmi Note 911,999199IPS LCD6.53Mediatek Helio G8564/1283/4Quad48Yes502018WReverse ChargingLink
Nokia 5.313,999185IPS LCD6.55Qualcomm SM6125 Snapdragon 665643/4/2006Quad13Yes400010WLink
Vivo S1 Pro19,999186Amoled6.38Qualcomm Snapdragon 6651288Quad48Yes450018WLink
Oppo A915,450195IPS LCD6.5Qualcomm Snapdragon 6651284/8Quad48Yes500010WReverse ChargingLink
Samsung A21s14,999192PLS TFT6.5Exynos 85032/643/4/ 6Quad48Yes500015WLink
Honor 9X15,990196IPS LCD6.59Kirin 710F64/1284/6Triple48Yes400010WLink
Vivo U2013,990193IPS LCD6.53Qualcomm Snapdragon 675644/6Triple16Yes500018WLink
Redmi Note 911,999199IPS LCD6.53Mediatek Helio G8564/1283/4Quad48Yes502018WReverse ChargingLink
Huawei Y9s19,990206IPS LCD6.59Kirin 710F1286Triple48Yes400010WLink
Redmi Note 8 Pro15,999200IPS LCD6.53Mediatek Helio G90T64/128/2566/8Quad64Yes450018WLink

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