Welcome to 6 reasons why iPhones reign supreme over the Android phone. Now both the iPhone and Android are incredibly advanced these days. But, I got 6 reasons why you might want to pick up an iPhone over an Android here in 2020. I have compiled 6 legitimate ways that iPhones still beat the competition even if I still feel that their latest refresh is incremental, expensive, and boring.


The reason no. 1 is the iOS ecosystem. Your photos, messages and browsing history is synced between your iPhone and MacBook. You’ve got Universal Copy-Paste, send files with airdrop instead of trying to figure out if your friends’ phone has NFC at all and if it does, where exactly the antennas align. It is the most sophisticated OS ecosystem hands-down.


Apple’s phones and tablets get updates both for features and security more quickly, consistently and for longer than just about any other mobile device on the market. Contrary to popular belief, that Apple acts with planned obsolescence in mind, forcing users to upgrade by slowing down their old devices, the last few updates have actually had a lot of users reporting that their old phone feels snappier after the update.

why iPhones are better than Android
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People are still selling their iPhone 6’s for Rs 20000. How much would you get for your Galaxy S5 today? probably not much! and they both came out in 2014.


The smartphone market has matured to the point where Chinese brands that you’ve never heard of are making phones that are legitimately aren’t complete garbage. Yet Apple’s deep integration between the hardware and the OS continues to give them a lead in speed and stability. Now, Android fans will complain that Apple cheaped out on the specs of their phone but the cold hard truth is that just because Apple’s investment wasn’t in more DRAM chips to fit into their main boards doesn’t mean that they necessarily cheaped out. Software development costs real money and it’s not an accident that they get more out of 4 GB of RAM than others are getting with 10. One more thing, their CPUs are at times as much as a full generation ahead of the competition.

why iPhones are better than Android


You can use your iPhone for four, five, maybe six years if you stretch it. I suspect a lot of people out there reading this article swap their phones a little more frequently than that. But the fact that you can so easily use your iPhone for 5-6 years, helps customers justify the 6 digit price tag on these things. And, iPhones also hold their value better. People are still selling their iPhone 6’s for Rs 20000. How much would you get for your Galaxy S5 today? probably not much! and they both came out in 2014.


New apps often launch first on the iPhone. There are a lot of interesting reasons for this, including device penetration in the U.S. The propensity of iPhone users to spend money and just plain old developer preference. But at the end of the day, none of those reasons really matter because when I buy a phone it’s ultimately about the experience I’m going to have and Android users often have to wait longer. A global phenomenon like Fortnite which arrived on Android in August 2018, despite being available on iOS a full four months earlier.


This brings us to our last reason why iPhones are better than Android. Security and Privacy of iPhones are way better than any Android device. Although, Android is closing the gap here, in general iPhones are more secure than the Android devices.

The iPhones deliver consistent Hardware-based security like the secure Enclave and the now the infamous USB restricted mode. Whereas, on Android hardware-based security varies wildly between manufacturers with some handsets even having been accused of providing user information to third parties.

As for the Software, well base Android is open source which in theory should give it a security advantage over Apple because anyone could go in and examine the code for vulnerabilities. In practice though, the Android that ships on almost any device that you buy actually has been modified by the manufacturer and those changes are typically not open-source. Furthermore, the Google Play Store tends to have more malicious apps on it due to less strict submission criteria. Even If it didn’t, Android allows users to install apps outside of the Play Store. An attack vector that simply doesn’t exist for iPhone users.

This concludes our list of 6 Reasons why iPhones are better than Android. If you know of more reasons which make iPhones beat the competition, let us know in comments down below.

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