There are certain mistakes people make with their computers which ultimately results in a slow and unusable computer after some time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By changing a few habits like not unplugging your headphones or forgetting to take out your battery can help increase the life of your computer. In this blog, we will fill you guys in on 9 tips in the descending order to help improve the life of your computer. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

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9. Always Connect Laptop To A Power Supply – The Right Way!

increase the life of your computer

If you’re like me, you probably think that it doesn’t really matter which end of the charger gets plugged in first.

Turns out, You’re WRONG!

Never ever plug it into an outlet without first connecting something to the other end. If you do this, the power supply can simply burn out or the worst-case scenario, you can kill the motherboard.

Always start with connecting the laptop to the charger, then the plug to the outlet and only then turn the laptop on. This can greatly help to increase the life of your computer.

8. Don’t Be Impatient While Turning On Or Restarting Your PC!

After it has shown you the welcome message, your PC still needs some time to fully turn on.

Don't Be Impatient While Turning On Or Restarting Your PC

Impatience gives your computer too much pressure it can’t handle, causing the operating system to freeze and the distortion of data.

If the computer still works slowly after a few minutes, check the list of start-up programs and sort them.

7. Never Transport Your Laptop in Sleep or Hibernating Mode!

increase the life of your computer

Before you put the laptop in its case to go somewhere, make sure that it’s in shutdown mode.

Sleep and Hibernation are only good when you’re using the gadget at home and don’t like to constantly wait for the system to fully boot, although, its worth doing it from time to time.

Sleep and Hibernation modes are not recommended for transporting a laptop because laptops don’t handle active movement well.

Only movie characters can use them on the back of a motorcycle while running away from enemies. In real life, it can lead to serious software damage.

6. Avoid Exposure Of Screen To Direct Sunlight!

increase the life of your computer

One thing that your laptop and computer both have in common is that they hate the Sun. Obviously, it can cause problems with overheating, and its rays can slowly but surely kill your display.

So if you keep your gadgets close to the window or in direct sunlight, be prepared to say goodbye to a bright and saturated picture in the near future.

5. Avoid Keeping your Computer/Laptop Too Hot!

Avoid Keeping your Computer/Laptop Too Hot!

The next tip in our list of how to increase the life of your computer is to not let your computer/laptop get too hot while using it.

Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy, so keep your gadget cool on a flat and firm surface.

If the air vent is located in the lower part of the laptop, just a flat table won’t be enough for support.

Get yourself an additional cooling system using a special stand with small built-in fans. This way you’ll extend the lifespan of your laptop and keep it quiet and cool.

4. Never Use A Cheap Replacement Power Supply

Never Use A Cheap Replacement Power Supply

When your power supply burns or gets lost, don’t go for a cheaper version or borrow your friend’s old charger to save money.

If you want to increase the life of your computer, It’s really important that you use an original power supply that’s fully suited to your laptop model.

If you ignore this rule, you’ll give your battery and even the motherboard a really hard time.

3. Pay Attention To Your Operating System

For the operating system to run smoothly for many years, give it the treatment it deserves.

  • Keep track of what you’re installing and try to avoid unnecessary programs.
  • Clean the registry often and get rid of temporary files and various duplicates.
  • If possible, use only original drivers that are fully compatible with your computer.
  • Regularly scan it for viruses and get rid of suspicious files.

2. Avoid Installing And Uninstalling Lots Of Programs!

When you install and uninstall tons of programs, they take up different spaces of previously installed programs on your disk.

This is called disk fragmentation, and it slows down the work of your software. You can use a disk defragmenter to solve this problem. And, if your disk is full but you don’t think you have too many programs installed, try using some tools that delete rarely used and temporary files.

1. Unplug The Gadgets Connected To Laptop/PC

increase the life of your computer

Whenever it’s possible, turn off the sound, keyboard backlight, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you can work offline.

It seems like something insignificant, but actually helps your laptop battery performance.

Another thing that can help is disconnecting the wireless mouse, flash drives, headphones, and external hard drives. All of them absorb energy even when turned off.

These are our 9 easy tips which you can implement to increase the life of your computer. Do you know any other tip? Let us know in the comments down below.

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