AirPods Love or Hate them, they have very quickly become The Most Popular Wireless Headphones in the World. That’s not even an exaggeration, they’re everywhere now.

Apple’s AirPods aren’t just a set of convenient Bluetooth headphones, they are a full-on millennial status symbol. I suspect not even Apple expected these things to get big the way they did. A sequel was inevitable and now we have got the Apple AirPods 2. These are Apple’s second-generation AirPods, while these might look and fit the same as the ones we have had for years now. However, they pack a handful of subtle improvements inside these tiny white shells.

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Apple AirPods 2 : The Good and The Bad

The Good

  • Improved Wireless Performance and Reliability
  • Great Battery Life
  • Supports Wireless Charging

The Bad

  • In-ear Fit isn’t compatible with everyone!
  • No real upgrade in sound quality

AirPods 2 Review: What’s New!

Apple Airpods 2 review

First of all, let’s talk about Apple AirPods 2 Cases – You can get these in three different variations. AirPods 2 with the wireless charging case, AirPods 2 with a normal charging case or just the wireless charging case by itself which can be an upgrade for your current AirPods which is pretty cool

qi- wireless charging

The main advantage of this new case, of course, is that it supports Qi- Wireless charging. Since Air Power doesn’t exist yet, you can now charge these on pretty much any Qi-compatible wireless charging pad which is basically all of them or even your friends Android phone that supports reverse wireless charging. Now it won’t be super fast, the case itself supports up to 5 watts of wireless charging speed which is again kind of slow but it’s a pretty small battery anyway in the first place. So, it should charge up in well under an hour. Also, they’ve moved the little LED light to the outside to indicate charge status.

The lightning charging port is still at the bottom if you want to charge up the old-fashioned way which will be much faster with the included lightning cable.

They now also support Hey Siri. So, it’s always on, always listening anytime.

PRO TIP: You can disable Hey Siri in your settings. If you wish to use it all the time then you probably don’t want to disable it but if you do, you can get longer battery life since it’s not always listening.

Also, something else which is new but not necessarily on the spec sheet is that Apple AirPods 2 support Bluetooth 5.0 now, they will still connect to Android phones but still won’t work quite as well as on an iPhone, obviously.

Design And Battery

 design and battery

Physically, Apple AirPods 2 have the exact same exterior design. So, you’re not missing anything here. No new colors, coding or waterproofing. The stocks aren’t shorter or anything. The mics are the same. It’s the most Un-Apple move in a long time where there’s no way to tell if someone’s wearing the new AirPods or not. They are literally, dimensionally exactly the same.

You must be thinking. So, What is Different? Why are these called AirPods 2?

The main difference is on the inside but it’s only a small portion of what’s on the inside and that’s the processor.

Basically, internally inside the AirPods they now have the H1 chip which is an upgrade to the previous W1 chip. H1 chip improves sync for things like video and gaming that means lower latency which is always welcome in the wireless world.

Now, you also get faster pairing and switching between Apple devices like your iPhone and your Mac or your iPod etc. You also get better audio processing that results in better microphone quality for those long phone calls and last but not least you also get a longer battery life. With the same sized battery, you actually get up to 50% longer talktime than the current AirPods so from 2 to 3 hours extra on the phone, which in the battery department honestly is a pretty impressive increase year-over-year without actually making the size of the earbuds bigger.

Sound Quality

There’s a debate raging online whether or not these new AirPods sound any different than the old ones.

Personally, I’ve found that these new AirPods produces the sound that feels ever so slightly louder and more full than the originals. If you’re anything like me, you’ll notice it more in songs with persistent bass. I have to say, there have definitely been times where I haven’t noticed a difference at all.

On the other hand, when I gave these to other people to try it in a sort of blind taste test though, some people actually thought the original AirPods sounded better.

However, according to Apple, both versions of the AirPods feature the same grade sound. And the fact, that none of us could decide which version sounds better supports that. If there are any differences here, they are so subtle that I really don’t think you should base your purchasing decision on those.

AirPods 2: Should You Buy Them?

Apple Airpods 2

It depends on if you already have the first generation AirPods and the batteries are still doing OK then You can put your wallet away. Just rest easy now, you are not missing out on that much. However, If your original AirPods are not holding the charge very well now because you’ve been using them for many years, then taking the plunge on AirPods 2 is a no brainer since it’s almost impossible to replace them or change their batteries. There is really no question here that these are about the most convenient wireless earbuds out there, and for most people, AirPods are still hard to beat.

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