I’m sure, the majority of you spend most of your time at a desktop, laptop or a smartphone. Well, here are some best apps to connect Android to PC, that you should probably know about.

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1. Messages

Best Apps To Connect Android To PC

This app, a lot of you may probably already know but for those who don’t, Messages by Google is the best way to send and receive messages on your desktop.

Within the app, tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner and then tap Messages for Web. On your computer’s browser type the URL messages.android.com and then scan the QR code with your phone.

I also recommend toggling Remember this computer, so, you only have to do this process once. From there you should see all of your conversations and messages and you can reply to each conversation with text, Emojis, Gifs, stickers, pictures and videos from your desktop.

Other third-party desktop apps that support SMS only allow you to reply with text or maybe Emojis but this app allows you to do much more.

You can also archive, delete or mute conversations and even toggle dark mode if you so choose. It works just like the app.

2. Clip Cloud

Best Apps To Connect Android To PC
Clip Cloud

This is a simple tool that syncs to your clipboard data between your phone and your computer. So, any text I copy on my Android can also be copied and pasted on my windows and vice-versa. There’s no delay when selecting text on one device and it being paste able on other.

The only thing that is kind of annoying is that you have to have Clip Cloud running in the background, otherwise, the app won’t synchronize your clip or data. Other than that it works like a charm.

It supports Android, PC, Mac and Linux. Just install the app on your phone and install the chrome plug-in. Just make sure to sign in to the same Google account.

It does have a 30 day trial period. So, eventually, you will be required to purchase a cheap subscription or get the lifetime edition for $6.

3. Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Remote finger unlock

Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Ever wanted to unlock your computer with your phone? Remote Fingerprint unlock lets you do just that with your Androids fingerprint sensor. This is easily one of the best apps to connect Android to PC.

I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I’ve never had an issue with it. You don’t even need root or ADB to do this. It’s a totally secure process even on public networks, since, all the send data is encrypted. The app doesn’t store any of your passwords and If any attacker knows your smartphones main password and tries to add his own fingerprint to your Android, the app will immediately be notified and will automatically invalidate its own key.

The app does have some pro features which cost a dollar and 99 cents to unlock. Even though its free version works just fine.

4. Join by Joaoapps

Best Apps To Connect Android To PC

For those looking to do a lot more when pairing your phone and desktop, Join by Joaoapps is the ultimate app.

By using this app and their chrome extension You’ll be able to interact with your phone in multiple different ways. For example: this app can send the current open tab on your desktop to your phone, It also has universal copy and paste, Send SMS messages and see all of your conversations.

If you have a text field open on your phone, you can type something on your computer and have the exact same text immediately show up in your phone.

You can send files from any device to any other device and it automatically opens the file when it arrives which is very useful for remote installing APKs.

The only bittersweet thing about this app is that the transferred files get uploaded to your Google Drive and if you keep transferring a large number of files, your drive is going to get filled up quickly but it’s still better than having all your files being uploaded to a random unknown server.

5. Pushbullet

Best Apps To Connect Android To PC

A big competitor to Join is Pushbullet. Even though Join is much more feature-packed, Pushbullet still has some tricks up its sleeves.

For one, when transferring files between one device to the other, the receiving device doesn’t need to have the app open or running in the background. It will automatically download the file and Pro version even lets you send files up to a gigabyte in size and not fill up my Google Drive with random uploads.

A huge feature that Pushbullet has and Join doesn’t have is channels, unless you use IFTTT with Join but for the average person that can get pretty complicated.

Another exclusive feature that Pushbullet has is that you can remotely access your phone’s files from any other device. Lastly, Pushbullet supports iOS while Join doesn’t.

Those are some of the advantages that Pushbullet has over Join but one huge reason why most people have switched to Join is that Pushbullet charges a subscription plan of $5 a month, which is more expensive to use.

These are my top 5 picks of best apps to connect Android to PC. If you found this article useful, let me know in comments down below.


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