Which are the best free video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux? And, how can you take your video editing skills to the next level? If you are scratching your head with these questions without any clue then you are at the right place.

I have compiled the list of top 5 best free video editing software with professional quality and no time restriction or forced watermarks in the descending order. so without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Coming in at number 5 is Lightworks. This nonlinear editing program has been used in many Hollywood productions including The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible, and many others.

Lightworks has both a free and pro version. Thankfully, their free version includes most of the key features most people would ever need including Video capture, Professional level color correction and allows for the import of most file formats. What keeps this program from being higher on this list is that the export formats are limited to MPEG-4 with a max resolution of 720p with the free edition of Lightworks.

This program is powerful and has a steep learning curve. If you want to try it out, they have excellent video tutorials on their website.

Lightworks is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.


In at number 4 is Openshot. This free and open source video editor is great for beginners with less of a learning curve than some of the other mentioned in this article.

This easy-to-use video editor includes a ton of features, some of those include Video and Audio effects, transitions, keyframe animations, and supports most file types.

Best of all, it’s completely free. The user interface is very well designed. When you go to export your project it supports multiple resolutions up to 4K.

Openshot does contain bugs that could make it crash but over time it’s been continuously updated making it more stable.

Openshot is now available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.


Shotcut takes the number 3 spot on this countdown. Just like Openshot it’s completely free and open source.

It supports most of the popular audio and video file formats with export resolutions up to 4K. The video effects include transitions, color correction, and various filters. Moreover, the timeline allows for multiple tracks and adding clips is easy.

The interface is somewhat clunky and looks outdated but once you figure out some of the basics it becomes very easy to use. Shotcut is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


In the runner-up spot at number 2 in our list of best free video editing software is Hitfilm Express.

This powerful free editor is packed full of features to create professional-quality projects. It includes more than 400 effects and presets, advanced cutting tools, audio and video filters, output resolutions up to 4K and a whole lot more. Moreover, If you need additional tools more than 30 add-on packs are available starting at around $10 per pack.

If you’re getting started with no clue how to use this software, then you don’t need to worry they have video tutorials on their website that will teach you how to use it.

The only problem I have with this software is the process to get it up and running. First, you have to click on get Hitfilm Express free. Then, you have to choose a social media site to give this program a shout-out. After you have downloaded and installed this program, the first time you launch it, you have to click on activate and unlock. Sign in and now finally you are done.

Putting aside the cumbersome registration process, it really is a great program. Hitfilm Express is available for Windows and Mac. It’s more demanding than most free video editors. So, make sure that you meet or exceed the system requirements before installing.


The video editor which takes the top spot for best free video editing software in our list is – DaVinci Resolve.

Initially released in 2004, the free edition of this video editor includes so many professional features that it’s amazing that it’s still free. Some of the free features include multi-track timeline editing, 4K, various trimming tools, Multicam editing along with a good amount of cool transitions, and effects. Making DaVinci Resolve even better is that fusion effects are now built in to create film quality visual effects and motion graphics.

Their wide selection of color correction tools are some of the best of any Video editor free or paid. However, DaVinci Resolve has a steep learning curve. I highly advise checking out the various tutorials available online.

You can Install DaVinci Resolve on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Their free edition includes just about every feature most would ever need.

My best advice for anyone looking for video editing software is to just pick one and try it out for a week or two. Finally, If this article was useful for you, give it a thumbs up and share with others.

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