Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 2019. Whether you’re brand new to Android or a longtime enthusiast, the Google Play store’s catalog of 3.5 million apps can be intimidating. With so many apps on the play store, it often gets difficult to find the right app for your device. So to help you out with finding the best apps for your device, we have compiled a list of eight really cool and free android apps that you’ll definitely want to check out if you don’t have them already. So, without any further ado let’s check out some of the coolest android apps of January 2019.


There aren’t that many great screen recorder apps for Android nowadays, a lot of them have ads or are a bit outdated. So it’s kind of a relief to finally find one that is simple, easy to use and records in the best resolution possible. It doesn’t even have ads which should be a plus for a lot of people. A very straight forward app that gets the job done.


We all know that phone displays are getting bigger each year and these devices are getting harder to use with just one hand. Reaching the top part of the screen requires repositioning your hands so you can tap or swipe a single object. So here’s a solution, Try out Reachability cursor. Reachability cursor is an app designed to help improve one-handed ability and its functionality is pretty phenomenal. It’s super easy to use, you simply swipe from either the left or right edge of your phone’s display and a little tracker pops up that clones your movement to a cursor at the top portion of your screen. From here you can interact with the top of your phone’s display using this trackpad, redeeming the one-handed friendliness of your decently sized smartphone.


PlayJ is a great way to stream your screen with your friends and video chat with them at the same time. The idea is simple, just make sure your friend also has the app. Add them by texting them a request. Select the app you like to show off and then choose the chat style and hit launch. Once your friend answers the call, He or she will be able to see your screen where you can show them your amazing Angry bird skills or have them help you with a problem that you are having with your phone.


There are hundreds if not thousands of note-taking applications available on the Play store. So it takes a lot to stand out, but the Otter voice notes application has certainly found a way. Instead of relying solely on typed notes, it is based on voice transcript recording and storing your voice notes both as a file you can listen back to and there’s a written transcript for reading back at your convenience. It’s designed to help you be more focused during those times you want to be taking notes. For example during meetings, lectures, interviews or anywhere else for that matter rather than having to multitask by listening and taking notes at the same time. You simply hit record and let the app do all the work for you.


1Lyrics is the best app to pull up lyrics to a song that is playing on your phone. It supports the majority of music services and a ton of songs, you can pull up the lyrics by looking in the notification panel or swiping from the right edge of the screen. You can even download the lyrics for offline use.


If you’ve got multiple Android devices and you’re tired of missing notifications received on either one then Bridge is an app designed to help. Once set up Bridge will duplicate any notification on one device to the other and what’s really cool is that not only you can view the notifications but you can also interact with them by using quick actions, just like what you would be able to do on the original notification. Dismissing a notification on one device will also dismiss it on the other and it’s a seriously well implemented and thought-out application. Definitely one of the coolest Android apps of January 2019.T


This one is simple yet so great. If you find yourself typing similar things over and over, then it might be worth trying Typing Hero. So, this app lets you set up a range of short keywords or shortcuts which will expand into any lengthy piece of text you want instantly. You simply input the text or phrases you frequently type, then set a series of keywords and then whenever you type these keywords anywhere on your smartphone, the app will replace it with your predetermined word or phrase instantly. This app is definitely near the top of the list.


The last app on this list is Make Your Old Phone A Home Security Camera. So, a fairly self-explanatory application but seriously, I love how this takes an old phone that’s just sitting in a drawer gathering dust and turn it into something that’s actually useful. You simply install this app on both of your devices, log in with the same Gmail account and then turn on camera mode on your old phone. The feed will pop up on your current device available for viewing at any time. You get the benefit of using more often than not superior cameras on your smartphone compared to dodgy security cameras. And there are heaps of other features that are worth trying out as well, including free cloud recording storage and motion detection. Seriously, worth a go!

These are some of the coolest android apps of January 2019 we could compile. If there are any other cooler apps you think we missed, let us know in the comments down below.

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