Red Magic 3s — this phone is in the league of its own. It is the ultimate YouTuber’s gaming phone. May I say the best PUBG Mobile gaming phone for YouTube streamers out in the market. The thing which makes this phone special for YouTube gaming streamers is that this phone has an internal audio recording. This basically means, you can record the game audio itself and when someone is watching the YouTube playback, it will sound as good to them as it does to you when you play the game with a headset on.

Practically, No Android phone has this right now. One of the only ones that do is the ASUS Rog phone. The original ASUS ROG phone which is over a year old is still more expensive than the Red magic 3s which just came out. The newer ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 2 is almost 3 times the price of Red Magic 3s.

The Red magic 3s is a phone that does everything ASUS ROG gaming phone 2 does at almost 1/3rd of the price. And, If that’s not something that’s selling you already then let’s get into the actual review for “Best PUBG Mobile Gaming Phone For YouTube Streamers!” i.e The Red Magic 3s!


This phone has active liquid cooling but not only that this phone is also one of the only phones ever created that has a built-in internal fan.

The only other phone that has this feature is the older version of Red Magic itself i.e The Red Magic 3. The internal fan works like a charm. One of the biggest issues mobile gamers face is their device gets too hot which makes their hands sweaty which can, in turn, affect your gaming experience while playing super intense games like PUBG Mobile.

This fan-powered liquid cooling cools down your device so much that you’re not going to feel any heat at all and you’re not going to sweat. So, If you’re someone who doesn’t like sweaty hands while playing super intense games like PUBG Mobile, you don’t have to worry about the Reg Magic 3s superheating because I think does the absolute best out of any phone with controlling the overall heat. This is one of the very big reasons why this phone is so good.

5000 mAH Battery

Nubia Red Magic 3s has a 5000 mAH battery. When the new iPhone 11 Pro came out, everyone was so impressed with its battery life and everyone was raving about how amazing it is. but, Reg Magic 3s has 1000 mAH more than iPhone 11 Pro. So, this is one of the biggest batteries available in gaming phones out there. It’s insane that they packed this massive battery into such a small little phone like Red Magic 3s. It kind of makes me disappointed with companies like Apple that they don’t do that with the iPhone.

The phone comes with a quick charge charger which is very fast, if not the fastest charger out there.


gaming phone for youtube streamers

The Nubia’s Reg Magic 3s has a 90 Hz AMOLED display. It is 6.65 inches of absolute beauty.

If you’re someone who has never tried a 90 Hz display before, you’re missing out so much. There’s a massive difference between 60 Hz like the many iPhones model and other phones have and the 90 Hz.

It is so smooth and fast and I absolutely love it. 90 Hz is a must-have on any gaming phone and Red Magic 3s does it perfectly.

Snapdragon 855+ processor

The Red Magic 3s has got the Qualcomm snapdragon 855+ processor. The fastest processor you can get on an Android phone nowadays.

Now I know, everyone is swooning over the ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 2’s overclocked processor. but, the thing is there are no games out there that need to have the overclocked processor. So, this phone will do everything that the ASUS ROG 2 does perfectly. You don’t need to have an overclocked processor and you definitely don’t need to spend 600 dollars more just to say, ” You have it. “

Built-in shoulder triggers

Another thing this phone has that most others don’t is the built-in shoulder triggers. So, you can hold your phone much like a gaming controller. If you are a console gamer specifically and you’re used to using two different triggers, maybe one for aiming and then one for shooting and find it difficult to adjust to whole touch screen type of environment. well, you can customize exactly where on the screen you want those shoulder triggers be.

And, then as an added bonus, you are not going to have your fingers over the screen blocking what you’re seeing. It will make it a much more enjoyable and advantage filled experience.

Game Space 2.1

Now, we got to talk about something called Game Space 2.1. All you got to do is flip a red switch on the left side of the phone and it turns your device into a beast mode.

You can add and remove games in Game Space with ease. Whatever you want, you can add to Game Space 2.1.

The cool thing about Game Space 2.1 is, it’s going to focus all of its processing power in your phone right to that game which you are playing. It stops all background processes so you can entirely focus on the game that you are playing.

There are a couple of other cool settings that you can choose. There are aurora bands which are basically the RGB lights on the backside of the phone. The RGB lights on the backside are totally customizable to millions of color combinations and you can do whatever the heck you want to make this phone stand out over the others.

You can also block notifications entirely. If you’re streaming and you don’t want to have any notifications or maybe you are somebody who participates in tournaments and you don’t want to have some message come in and then mess up the entire game. You can turn all of them off with the simple press of a button when you’re in Game Space 2.1. And, lastly, the Red Magic Time basically records the game itself with the internal audio and it will do that automatically which I think is really cool.

stereo speakers

The Red Magic 3s has dual stereo speakers with DTS:X. I have got to say it’s not the absolute best speaker experience out of any phone but then again if you’re playing with the gaming phone you’re probably going to be using headphones anyway.

It’s still probably in the top 10 – 20 percent of the phones out there but it’s not the very best.

docking station

You also get cool add ons with Red Magic 3s like the docking station which has a USB type c charge port and an ethernet adaptor. So, you can actually connect your phone to hardline ethernet and have a much more stable connection.

The Red Magic 3s comes with stock Android which means there will be no bloatware, no unnecessary skins like so many other companies do these days. It is going to be a very clean stock Android experience.


Lastly, let’s talk about the camera. The Red Magic 3s has got a very good camera for a gaming phone specifically. It has a 48 MP rear and 16 MP front-facing camera. It is not the very best camera out there, let’s be clear on that. There are a couple of phones that are better than this like the iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy, a couple of other phones have better cameras than this but its camera is probably still in the top 5 percent of the phone cameras out there. And, It has exceptional video quality. But hey! the camera isn’t the first thing you look for in a gaming phone for YouTube streamers. Do you?

It is probably the best gaming phone for YouTube streamers out there because of its aggressive pricing. I cannot recommend this phone enough! Just go for it if you are looking for a gaming phone to stream to your YouTube audience.

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