So you are watching lots of pro-PUBG Mobile players gameplay on YouTube and can’t figure out what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong and why you are struggling to play like them. Well, in that case, you should read till the very end of this blog post.

Becoming a Pro in PUBG Mobile is not exactly a cakewalk. You not only need lots of practice but also the right kind of equipment. If you are trying to go pro in PUBG Mobile playing on your worn-out handset, it is always going to be difficult.

In this guide, I’ll tell you ways of how to become a pro in PUBG Mobile and how you can improve your gameplay and increase your K/Ds, as well as chicken dinners, count!

Train Your Ears

The most important thing if you want to play like a pro, is to train your ears. Yes, right! TRAIN YOUR EARS!!

how to become a pro in pubg mobile

Most players overlook this aspect of the game. I have seen players playing without proper headsets and expecting to go pro. NO! it doesn’t work like that. If you are really serious about this then you have to have a great headset. There is no way around it. But just getting a great headset doesn’t magically make you a pro.

Once you get yourself a great headset, Now what you need to do is train your ears for all sorts of sounds. When your opponent is on the first floor the sound of footsteps is different or when he is on the top floor the sound of footsteps is different. The firing sound of M416 is different than the firing sound of Scar-L. There are too many different sounds in the game and your ears should be trained for each one of them.

When you hear footsteps, you should be able to pinpoint the location of your enemy. How many times have you heard footsteps in the game but can’t really tell where the enemy is? Is he on the first floor? or is he outside the building behind the wall? If you can’t train your ears to pinpoint your enemies it is always going to be difficult. You are always going to be second-guessing, which is not really ideal if you want to become a pro in PUBG Mobile.

Not only footsteps, but you should also train your ears to tell what sort of weapon your enemies are using. Does he have AWM or M24? or is he using Kar98. When you decide to rush, it helps if you know already what weapons you are going to be up against in close proximity? If you can tell your opponent has DP-48 with slow firing rate, you can rush them with M762 and have an upper hand in one on one clash in close quarters.

So you should never overlook this aspect of the game. You need all your senses working at their prime to reach the level you aspire to be. You can’t just rely on your eyes and hands to get to the level most pro players are at.

Practice in TDM

Practicing in Team Death Match in Evoground is the best way you can improve your gameplay.

Pro in pubg mobile

In TDM you can respawn as many times as you die, so you can always practice different weapons and techniques. TDM can help you improve response time which is essential if you want to become a pro in PUBG Mobile.

You should always try to get as many kills as possible. The better you become in TDM, the better you’ll start performing in a classic match.

Learn to control the recoil

The better you control the recoil, the better Pubg Mobile player you are going to be.

control recoil pubg mobile

You need to understand, Most Pro Pubg Mobile players have mastered the recoil of their favorite weapons. You can’t be a Pro Pubg mobile player if you don’t do the same.

If you are having trouble controlling the recoil of guns like AK47, Groza, etc. Then you should spend a lot of your time in Pubg practice mode mastering your favorite weapons. It does sound boring and in fact, it is boring. But most Pro Pubg Mobile players didn’t become pro overnight. They have done the hard hours in Pubg practice mode to figure out the recoil of all the guns and how to master them.

If you want to become a pro PUBG mobile player then you’ll have to do just the same. Spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day learning about all the weapons in the game. Mess around with sensitivity in the settings to find out the optimal settings for you. Learn about the damage different guns inflict and always be ahead of the competition.

Land in Heavy traffic areas

Hey, you need to ask yourself why you play the game?

If you are just after chicken dinner and that’s all then it’s a lot easier. However, if you want to become the Pro player in PUBG Mobile then you have to land where all the action is.

georgopol Pubg mobile

Camping and avoiding all the action in early zones and hiding all the way to the last zone and then getting lucky with the final kill will definitely help you get a lot more chicken dinners. But that’s not going to help you improve your gameplay. You are not going to play like a pro-PUBG Mobile player since you won’t train yourself for that.

Always look for high traffic areas like Georgopol, Pochinki, Military Base, etc. By this, you will be able to train your ears to all the different sounds a lot faster. Gunfights in close proximity will help you improve your reflexes which will ultimately help you, in the long run, i.e if you make it to the last circle you’ll have a lot more confidence in your abilities to handle your opponents then otherwise where you don’t have any confidence in your close proximity gunfight skills.

Learn to use throwables properly and efficiently

One thing most Pro pubg players use and noobs don’t are throwables.

How To Become A PRO In PUBG | Best Tips And Tricks (2020) 1

YES! The right use of throwables like Molotovs, Grenades, Stun Grenades, Smokes is essential for your growth as a Pro pubg mobile player.

Pro players play smart and use everything at their disposal. If you want to be at the same level then you have to learn to play smart as well. You can’t always rush into the building expecting to wipe the squad. When you knock a player in the building with a headshot, the difference between noob players and a pro is that Pro players don’t just go rushing into the building to claim their kill, instead, they use throwables like Grenades and Molotov to seize the deal.

To become a Pro player one has to cut on the unnecessary risks of getting killed. So it becomes necessary that you learn the proper use of Grenades and Molotovs to cut on the unnecessary gunfire exchange. The whole squads can be wiped out with a single grenade so you should learn to use them properly and efficiently. The more kills you can get without the need for gunfire exchange the better.

PRO TIP: Always cook your grenade before you throw it.

Keep Track of the Circle and Zone

This may sound not so important in your quest for how to become a pro in pubg mobile, but you would be surprised how important a circle can be. You should always keep track of the circle and the zone. Having the best position in the last circle can be the difference between chicken dinner and coming 2nd best.

last circle pochinki

You should always guess where the last circle can form and what’s the best position for you in that circle can be. If you are expecting the last circle to form in open space with no building to take cover in, then you should look for the second-best option of big rock or tree to take cover.

Never engage in a gunfight in the last circle without proper cover

Never engage in a gunfight without proper cover. No matter how enticing it is to you. Maybe you can see your enemy right in front of you in open space and it looks like an easy kill but if you are not in proper cover you will invite the unwanted attention of all other players which won’t help you if there is no proper cover to protect yourself from the incoming fire.

It’s always better to wait till you find a suitable cover before you open fire on your enemy. Unless of course there is only one guy left. Pro players don’t compromise their mission of chicken dinner for one solitary kill.

Always Stick with your squad

The biggest mistake noob players make in PUBG Mobile is they don’t land with their squad.

Always try and land with your squad when you are playing a squad match. Many pro players do play solo vs squad but they have many hours of practice before they became the players they did. So, if you are new to the game then never land solo in a squad match.

Always stick and work with your team. If you spot an enemy don’t rush alone to kill him, first always communicate to your teammates the location of the enemy and plan with your teammates how you are going to take him/them down.

This is very important for not only your success but for the success of all of your squad.


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