PUBG Mobile’s Season 12 has ended and with it, The players are getting excited about the PUBG Mobile’s new Season 13 and all the new interesting stuff it brings. PUBG Mobile’s season 13 will officially launch in India on 13 May 2020. However, players are already planning how they can reach 100 RP in the coming season and how to get season 13 royale pass for free.

Well, if you are searching on YouTube and the Internet for methods of how to get free season 13 Royale Pass then you are not alone. Many PUBG Players who love the game dearly, actually hate that they have to pay to get some of the coolest stuff in the game like gun skins, outfits, and whatnot.

Since we all know PUBG offers two versions of Royale pass.

  1. The Elite Royale Pass
  2. The Elite Royale Pass Plus

There is a price for everything and it doesn’t help that most of the demographic that is in love with the game are school and college-going students. The Elite Royale Pass can cost as much as Rs 800 and Elite Royale Pass Plus can cost upwards of almost Rs 4000. How many school and college-going students can afford that is anyone’s guess really.

So, to help you guys out, Today I’ll tell you how to get free season 13 Royale Pass legally.

Season 13 Royale Pass Giveaways

get free season 13 Royale Pass
get free season 13 Royale Pass

One of the best ways you can get free Season 13 Royale pass is by participating in giveaways which many YouTubers organize. In fact, We at Gizmos Scan are also organizing free entry custom matches every week with prize money ranging from a free Royale Pass to the guy with most kills to Rs 5/kill to players ending in the top 10.

All you need for your chance of getting free Season 13 Royale Pass is to play in the custom matches being held on every Saturday. The Rules of the giveaway tournament are simple.

  1. Register yourself for the match.
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
  3. Play and Win.

Buy Elite Royale Pass

If you are not really interested in giveaways then you can always purchase the Season 13 Royale pass once and then keep completing the tasks and earning back the 600 UC for next season.

PUBG Mobile lets you earn back 600 UC if you reach 100 RP by the end of the season. This way you only need to purchase the Royale pass for one season and then getting Royale pass for next season absolutely free. This gives you extra motivation to reach 100 RP by the end of the season.

UC Apps On The PlayStore

There are plenty of apps on the PlayStore which promise free UC for completing certain tasks on their app daily. You can try installing those apps and completing tasks to get free UC. It may take you a couple of months before you manage to earn the required 600 UC but hey, It comes for free.

However, you need to be careful about the kind of app you install on your mobile. There are plenty of shady apps out there, so the advice would be to employ caution before using those apps.


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