*** First 100 Matches in the Tournament Will be Free Entry Events***

Have you ever watched streams of famous YouTube gamers competing in official PUBG organized tournaments and earning huge sums of money? And thinking how cool those guys are, earning money by doing what they love?

If your answer to the above question is — Yes! — Then surely, you would have also had this desire to be there and win. In this blog, I’ll tell you exactly how you can play PUBG and earn money.

We at Gizmos Scan have worked hard to prepare a working model of PUBG Mobile Tournament with great rewards, Thanks to our sponsors!

You can enter the tournament with as little as Rs 20 and it goes up to as much as Rs 200 with the winner taking home anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000!

Match 1 Highlights
WIN Royale Pass and Cash prizes UP TO RS 10,000

Play PUBG And Earn Money!

play pubg and earn money
Play pubg and earn money

The first step to winning is believing that you can win. If you believe in yourself and in your skills than you can play pubg and earn money by participating in our PUBG Mobile Tournament!

To participate all you need to do is fill up sign up form below with your Email/Mobile Number and Unique PUBG ID.

The timing for matches will be intimated to all the contestants 2 days prior to the match.

Breakdown Of Winnings

Entry Fee Solo Match – Rs 20

Winner – Rs 500*

Runner up – Rs 250

3rd Place – Rs 150

4th Place – Rs 100

5th Place – Rs 40

6th Place – Rs 30

7th Place – Rs 25

8th Place – Rs 20

9th Place – Rs 15

10th Place – Rs 10

Entry Fee Solo Match – Rs 30

Winner – Rs 800*

Runner up – Rs 400

3rd Place – Rs 300

4th Place – Rs 200

5th Place – Rs 100

6th Place – Rs 50

7th Place – Rs 25

8th Place – Rs 20

9th Place – Rs 15

10th Place – Rs 10

Entry Fee Solo Match – Rs 50

Winner – Rs 1000*

Runner up – Rs 500

3rd Place – Rs 300

4th Place – Rs 200

5th Place – Rs 150

6th Place – Rs 100

7th Place – Rs 80

8th Place – Rs 50

9th Place – Rs 30

10th Place – Rs 20

Entry Fee Solo Match – Rs 100

Winner – Rs 2000*

Runner up – Rs 1000

3rd Place – Rs 600

4th Place – Rs 300

5th Place – Rs 250

6th Place – Rs 200

7th Place – Rs 150

8th Place – Rs 100

9th Place – Rs 60

10th Place – Rs 40

**Winning prize depends on the slots filled in the match and can vary. **

Kill Based MatchesEntry Fee Rs 20/player

We also organize matches where winnings depend on how many you kill. For every kill you get Rs 10. It makes for lot more exciting matches, since, it doesn’t depend on the chicken dinner. You can land on heavy traffic areas to make kills and earn RS 50 to 100 in few minutes.

1 kill – Rs 10

2 kills – Rs 20

3 kills – Rs 30

4 kills – Rs 40

5 kills – Rs 50 and so on.

Even Avg players have K/D of more than 2. Even if you don’t do well to win the chicken dinner, you can still make back your entry fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for money to be transferred into my account?

The money will be sent into your PayTm Account Instantly. In case you don’t have PayTm account, we’ll transfer your winnings via NEFT and money will reflect in your account in 1-2 hours.

Can I Play Squad match?

Yes, you can. The entry fee and winning amount differ from solo matches.

How many matches can I play?

You can play as many matches as you wish. However, If you are banned for breaking the rules or using hacks, In that case, you can’t participate again.

Can I play with emulator?

Yes, you can. However, You’ll be allowed to participate in only emulator specific matches.

When will matches be held?

The timing of matches will be forwarded to all contestants a day before the event.

Why was I kicked from the room?

There are many reasons for which participants are kicked from the room. It can be anything. From joining the room without entry pass to using emulator on non emulator matches.

Is this PUBG Mobile Tournament genuine?

It is as genuine as it gets. All the payments will be verified. The winning amount will be transferred to winners live after every match.


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