Just a couple days after releasing iOS 12.3 to the public, Apple is right back at it again with another release and this time it’s iOS 12.4 Developer Beta 1. Of course, this is just released for developers but it will be available for public beta testers as well later today or tomorrow.

iOS 12.4 beta 1 update size

The update came in at 2.68 GB on my iPhone XR but it can vary depending on which version you are coming from and also what device you are on.

Build Number iOS 12.4 Beta 1

iOS 12.4 beta 1 build number

Build Number – 16G5027g, So we have a G at the end which does usually indicate that this won’t be as stable as an A or a B build or something like that. Now that’s not always true but that is usually what that indicates. So For that reason alone, I would advise most people not to update to the very first beta at least of iOS 12.4, especially, if you’re on iOS 12.3. Not on your daily driver device at least.

What’s new in iOS 12.4 beta 1?

Now, let’s talk about what’s new and if we go into Settings > General > About. You’ll see that we do have a new modem firmware update and it’s a pretty big update. We went from 1.05.03 to 1.06.01, there you can see that is for 2018 iPhones specifically and you did also get an update to the modem firmware for older devices as well but of course, Apple is focusing more on their newer devices.

What else has changed with iOS 12.4 beta 1? Strangely enough, even though it’s a major update except for build number and modem firmware, so far, there’s nothing new in it. At least, nothing outward-facing.

Getting iOS Devices Ready For Apple Card

iOS 12.4 beta 1 Apple card
Source: Apple

Now, the Apple card is set to be released very soon in the summer i.e Apple’s new credit card. So, iOS 12.4 here is very likely aimed at preparing devices for that card. You can’t see anything about it now in the wallet app or Apple Pay app but obviously though, when you do get the Apple card, iOS 12.4 will be prepared for that and that’s probably what Apple is doing here with this update and probably not really much else.

This update is just going to be a lot of minor background fixes, a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes and of course, we will also have some security enhancements as well but if you update to iOS 12.3, there’s really no reason to update to iOS 12.4. At least, not the first beta.

So like I mentioned above, there are no outward-facing features or changes that are being saved for iOS 13. Obviously, we’re in such a late stage of iOS 12, you really cannot expect any kind of new features at all in iOS 12. Since they’re all being saved for iOS 13 which is just a few weeks away. You know we’re gonna see the first beta of iOS 13 on or around June 3rd for WWDC.

Battery Life

As far as battery life and performance goes, it’s way too early to tell. There’s really not going to be a difference I can’t imagine in battery life or performance going from 12.3 to iOS 12.4 beta 1. I highly doubt Apple really even touched anything related to either battery or performance.

Again, it was probably just aimed at getting us prepared for the Apple card and maybe some background security fixes and things like that. So, I highly doubt Apple touched anything to do with battery or performance. So of course, you should not update if you’re looking for something like that with this new beta.

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