If you have multiple cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and more — You would know how hard and cumbersome it can get to access and manage data on all of those cloud storage. How cool it would be if you could access and manage all of your data on multiple cloud storage from one location without the need to sign in again and again into your multiple cloud accounts. Well, MultCloud does just that.

MultCloud brings together more than 30 of the most popular cloud drives under one roof and allows for smooth cloud data transfer, File Sync, File Manager, among other features.

Cloud Data Transfer

Transfer Data Across Cloud Drives

You can copy, move or migrate files from one cloud to another just like how you copy files in windows file explorer. Yes, it’s that easy. You don’t have to upload and re-upload files to different cloud storage again and again. It works seamlessly.

Offline Data Transfer

Another feature of cloud data transfer is that you can transfer files even being offline. Once you launch data transfer, you can exit the browser or shut down your computer and the data will still be transferred at the backend of the MultCloud server.

Cloud Transfer Filter

The cloud transfer filter enables MultCloud users to transfer files with certain extensions from one cloud to another online storage. How it works is, if you want to sync or transfer a certain type of files for example PDF files from one cloud to another, all you need to do is enter the extension of files i.e: Pdf and MultCloud will figure out the rest

Cloud File Sync

Sync Data on Multiple Clouds

MultCloud also gives you the option of syncing all files or files in a certain folder from one online cloud storage to another. This can come in handy if you want to cloud backup or sync data at regular intervals.

Cloud File Manager

Manage All Online Cloud Accounts Under One Virtual Roof

You can access and manage all your online files, data and cloud accounts under one virtual roof with a simple app. You can copy, cut, paste, delete files easily just like in windows file explorer. This makes it quite easy to manage all your online accounts and data easily.

Merge Multiple Cloud Storages

MultCloud lets you integrate and combine your multiple cloud drives. This lets you expand the free online space you have got to store your data. This comes in handy when you have little space left on your single cloud storages and can’t store some bigger file on your cloud storage.

Cloud Explorer For Multi-Clouds

You can access all your online files with a single login. Yes, you don’t have to login again and again to different cloud accounts to access your files. You can save all that trouble with MultCloud. MultCloud let’s you access all your files with a single login.

You can search, copy, paste, move files from one cloud to another, all from within a single interface like windows explorer.

Other Features

Cloud Offline Download

MultCloud lets their users to download web files to their cloud drives offline. MultCloud lets users to offline download files to cloud drives just by entering the URL of web files they want to download from the internet.

Multi-server Parallel Transmission

MultCloud comes with parallel data transmission technology which improves the success rate of cloud file transfer by 200%. It also lets users sync, transfer, and backup data simultaneously across cloud drives, which increases the transfer speed to twice as fast as traditional serial transmission.

The Bottom Line

With all of the above features and the fact that MultCloud offers up to 30 GB data transfer/month for free. We highly recommend all our readers to check out MultCloud.


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