May is coming up fast and we have got some pretty interesting new games arriving in May 2019. Here is our list of the best 5 new games trying to get your attention over May 2019.

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1.) RAGE 2

new games arriving in May 2019 - Rage 2
ScreenShot – Rage 2

Probably the biggest game arriving in May 2019 is RAGE 2. The first game back in 2011 borrowed heavily from the visuals associated with Borderlands and the gameplay of Fallout.

Rage 2 has improved upon this massively leaving behind Borderlands art style and instead takes the post-apocalyptic landscape of Mad Max movies and introduces so much color and vibrancy that it doesn’t feel depressing.

Rage 2 is completely single-player. Its open-world first-person shooter that embraces chaos and another feather in their cap is the relationship with Just Cause 3 developers Avalanche Studios, who are on board to bring the physics-based ridiculousness into the world of Rage.

If you like your guns, if you’re a bit of a weapon nut — Rage 2 has you covered with many weird and wonderful guns, melee weapons, throwables and downright destruction at your fingertips.

So, if you fancy surviving a meteor destroying earth with some superpowers at your disposal, pick up Rage 2 on May 14th for PS4, Xbox 1, and PC.

2.) Blood And Truth

new games arriving in May 2019 - Blood and Truth
Blood and Truth

Next, The Playstation Virtual Reality is back with another highly anticipated game Blood And Truth, A PS-VR title that honestly is really promising.

This is a game that is designed to deliver the feel of being an action hero. It is basically John Wick crossed with Jason Bourne with a little bit of Ethan Hunt and some James Bond for good measure all wrapped up into one in virtual reality.

I’m extremely happy to play this one and hopefully, a few more people invest in PS-VR as there are so many games to discover. In Blood and Truth, shooting may be the core element that gets the headlines but the mini-games are impressive too.

Blood and Truth is PS-VR exclusive and comes out on May 28.

3.) Layers Of Fear 2

Top 5 New Games Arriving In May 2019 (PC, Xbox, PS4)! 1
ScreenShot – Layers of fear 2

Next up in our list of best new games arriving in May 2019 is Layers Of Fear 2. A first-person psychological horror game that is very interesting, to say the least.

The first layers of the fear game released about three years ago and scared the shit out of everyone who played. Now, gun media are on board, they are the people behind Friday the 13th the game.

Layers of fear 2 look to be more realistic and much more polished. The setup is something new, you’re a Hollywood actor who is going to take the lead role in a film that takes place on an ocean liner. It is shot on an actual ocean liner as well.

It looks very much like the point of the game is to blur the lines between character and actor as you explore the ship and find more about what’s going on, possibly in the movie, possibly in your mind or possibly just in hard reality. Who really knows?

Layers of fear 2 will release on May 28th on PS4, Xbox, and PC with a Switch version coming later down the line.

4.) A Plague Tale: Innocence

A plague Tale
ScreenShot – A Plague Tale

Coming in at number 4 in our list of best new games arriving on May 2019, we have a potential sleeper hit — A Plague Tale: Innocence. Set in 14th century medieval France in a rat-infested city and when I say rat-infested, I mean it.

It’s basically a stealth game where there is also a plague and ravenous rats going wild at all times. You have to avoid not only hostile people but the rats as well. The darkness attracts the rats and the light forces them away. We need to stay in the light and manipulate enemies to light our path.

Although the gameplay shown so far looks slow and menacing, we’re told the action parts of the game reveal themselves later.

It is hard to find information about A Plague Tale: Innocence, but from the latest gameplay shown — This is going to be dark, horrifying, and deadly.

A Plague Tale: Innocence comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox one on May 14.

5.) Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms
ScreenShot – Total War: Three Kingdoms

Last on our list of best new games arriving in May 2019 is — Total War: Three Kingdoms which is a game we had our eyes on for a while now.

It’s obviously a total war game set in three kingdoms era of China’s history and gives two different modes — 1) Romance, which is based on the novel Romance of the three kingdoms and 2) Records, which is based on the records of the three kingdoms.

Now, a lot of the conventions of total war, being it’s a turn-based strategy real-time tactics game, probably are going to be mostly intact here. But there is more of a focus on characters whether you’re playing in record or romance mode as there are Generals and these characters will be interacting and the game actually centers on forming relationships between the characters and people they meet throughout the campaign.

Total War: Three kingdoms is coming to PC on May 23rd.

These are our top 5 picks for new games arriving in May 2019. Make sure to subscribe to this website to get the latest information about new games every month.

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