OxygenOS vs Stock Android — OxygenOS for ones who don’t know is OnePlus‘s software. It has always kept androids core functions but they make it a lot better by including their own exclusive features and optimizations. In this blog post, I’ll go through the best 5 exclusive OxygenOS features that I wish every stock android had.

The closest device to feature a stock android experience is, of course, any Google Pixel device. So, I’ll be comparing the Pixel 3XL with the OnePlus 6T.


OxygenOS exceeds over stock android when it comes to taking screenshots with its ability to expand screenshots. An ability that is simply missing in stock android.

oxygenos vs stock android - Expandable screenshots

When you take a screenshot on a OnePlus device, OxygenOS lets you expand it, so you can capture more content on a scrollable interface. It is perfect for a conversation or a social feed like Instagram or Twitter. Not only that, when you edit a screenshot or any picture using the OnePlus Gallery app, It lets you customize it in so many ways. You can add filters, adjust any of the colors or features of the image and my favorite setting is that you can mark up the photo with any custom text, arrows or rectangles to focus on a specific area. Moreover, if you want to blur something out, Mosaic is your best friend.


For those who love to play games on their mobile devices, OnePlus has one of the best native gaming modes out there.

oxygenos vs stock android - game space

With the release of Android 10 AKA Android Q, they created a dedicated app called Game Space which is set to replace their current gaming mode in the settings. It includes all of your games in one spot and it optimizes a ton of settings automatically when you open a game.

oxygenos vs stock android

My favorite feature is fanatic mode because it optimizes all the phone’s internal components, blocks all notifications and calls, restricts background apps and improves the network connection by disabling the secondary sim just to provide smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

There are a lot more settings that can be enabled when gaming on a OnePlus device.


OnePlus launcher is way better than the stock android launcher in Google Pixel in some aspects.

First of all, It’s much more customizable — allowing you to change the icon pack, home screen layouts, swipe down to access the notifications panel, and the option to disable the shelf screen. Moreover, I also love the hidden space feature which allows you to hide any of your apps and access them quickly with your fingerprint.

The only thing that is missing in the OnePlus launcher is the Google discover panel.


I’ve always been jealous of iOS having an amazing native screen recorder. Something, that stock Android or any other OEMs have never really implemented. Until recently, stock Android 10 or Android Q on the Pixel has finally gotten around to it but it still doesn’t work that well on stock Android and it’s kind of hard to enable.

screen record

However, OnePlus has already implemented this feature with the release of the OnePlus 7 Pro and It works really well. You can even customize the recording settings. If you have Oxygen OS running Android 10 then you can also increase the resolution to 4K even though there aren’t any OnePlus devices with a 4K display. You can have 60FPS and a high bit rate of 24 megabits per second.

bit rate


When reading E-books or articles, you can use reading mode to optimize the display to turn black and white to make it easier to read at night.

when you leave the app, the screen will turn back to normal.

These are the top 5 best features that Oxygen OS has that I wish every stock Android had. There are few more extra features that I enjoy using within Oxygen OS such as — Navigation gestures, the dark theme, and the custom OnePlus slate fonts. But I’m sure the majority of you already knew about those features.

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