Three things are certain in life : Death, Taxes, and People getting Royal Pass for free at Gizmos Scan. Not kidding.

You can get season 13 Pubg Mobile Royal pass for absolutely free — All you have to do is Participate in PUBG Mobile Tournament. Yes, You read that right. That’s how simple it can be.

Matches are played every Saturday at 4 PM. All you need to stand a chance to win Royale Pass is a Squad.

There are lots of people promising a free giveaway of PUBG Moblie Royale Pass on YouTube and all around the internet. However, They are not always coming true on the promise.

In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how this works and how you can win free PUBG Mobile Royale Pass from Gizmos Scan. So Stick around and read till the very end to get yourself a chance of winning a free PUBG Royale Pass.

Win Season 13 PUBG Mobile Royale Pass For Free

We at Gizmos Scan in partnership with our sponsors are organizing PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Tournament and giving away Play Store gift cards worth Rs 800 to the best player of the squad which finishes first on select custom matches.

You can get a free royale pass for season 13 as well, all you need is to participate in the match with your squad. The entry to the matches is absolutely free. There is no entry fee to play the matches. With a little bit of luck, you can be that lucky guy who wins free royale pass for season 13.

Match 1 of the free entry slot has already been played with players winning cash prizes for very little effort. if you also want to be that lucky guy and stand a chance to win free Royale pass for season 13, you can do so by registering your squad down below.

Moreover, you can also join our WhatsApp group for Squads by clicking on the button down below and then contacting the Admin to register the squad.

Once you sign up — You will be notified with confirmation mail in your mailbox. Just be ready and on time for your chance to win a free PUBG Season 13 Royale Pass.

Winners of match 1 are already declared on our Winners List page.

Players found using any type of cheating software will be banned from future participation and will not get any sort of prize from Gizmos Scan. So, It is advised players refrain from using any type of aimbot, etc to profit them in the match.

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