What’s the best and worst sniper rifle in Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile? I am interested in reading what you think at first let me know in the comments down below before you read this article.

One of my favorite weapons in player unknown battlegrounds is the AWM. This sniper has the highest damage out of any gun in the game and it just feels so perfect when you’re using it. The sound it makes, the reload, it’s just beautiful. But, is it the best sniper in the game? you’ll find out in this article. Today, I’ll be ranking every sniper and DMR in PUBG Mobile from worst to best. Yes, I’m considering DMR’s better known as designated marksman rifles like the SKS and mini-14 as snipers in this article. As you generally, use them in the same way as bolt-action rifles for longer ranged gameplay. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

10. WIN-94

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Getting things started in the number 10 position, we have the Winchester model 1894 or Win 94 as it’s known in Player unknown battlegrounds. I really like this gun a lot, I wish it ranked a little higher in my list.

When you drop into the map of Miramar, this is actually a really good weapon to start the game off with. The reason is because this gun has the capability of dealing a one-shot kill if you get a headshot on anyone with lower than level two helmet.

The big problem with this gun though is the slow firing rates, reload times, and also the fact that you can’t equip any type of scope on this gun. Therefore, despite it being classified as a sniper rifle it will only perform well at close and medium range, long range is unreliable. Don’t discredit this gun though, It’s seriously so satisfying getting a kill with this and it may even be fun enough to do a win 94 only challenge in this game.

9. VSS


Moving right along into the number 9 position, we have one of the biggest jokes of a weapon in PUBG Mobile history. I’m not going to sit here and try to make the VSS look better than it actually is, because it’s not.

Far too many times have I landed somewhere and only found a VSS and then instantly died from someone with an M416 or AKM. The VSS really only has one advantage in the early game, the fact that it already comes equipped with a 4x scope and it has a suppressor built in. I guess you can probably find some use with that especially in early game if you’re trying to be sneaky and you are shooting at someone all the way across from school to the apartments, for example, someone else may only have the AKM with iron sights and it’ll be a lot harder to use that at longer range.

It can also be fired in full auto which is certainly a pro as well but the VSS still has a massive bullet drop and very low damage and you’re honestly better off with nearly every other gun in the game before it. It’s just not good.

8. MINI 14

Player Unknown Battlegrounds mini 14

Next up in the number 8 position is Mini 14. So just because we find the Mini 14 in the number 8 position doesn’t really mean it’s bad. I’d still be very happy that I found it on the ground and I’d probably pick it up.

The Mini 14 is a DMR that uses 5.56 ammo, which is easy to find but it does do the least amount of damage out of all the DMR’s and Snipers that use either 5.56 or 7.62 ammo. This is why it ranks pretty low. You have 20 bullets in this gun which can be extended up to 30 and a great pro to this weapon is the range. It’s tied with the gun in the number 7 position as the longest range out of all DMR’s in the game. Mini 14 has low recoil as well, so you’ll have a huge advantage with this gun against anyone at long range with any AR.

7. QBU

player unknown battlegrounds - qbu

The Mini 14 is good, but do you know what’s slightly better? The QBU. This is one of the newest weapons on this list and in fact, it’s nearly identical to the mini-14 in many aspects aside from of course, the overall design of the gun. The reason why QBU is number 7 and ahead of the Mini 14 is the slightly higher damage it deals to the players. And also, the very unique bi pod that the gun comes with. If you lie prone on the ground you will have a much higher stability compared to the mini 14, which will come in handy when you’re trying to take out that tiny speck of a player hundreds of meter away.

The only downside to the QBU compared to the Mini 14 is the smaller ammo capacity. But in reality, other benefits of this gun far outweigh this small issue. You’re not gonna use all 10 bullets this gun has anyways, you’ll kill that enemy way before that point.

6. SKS

player unknown battlegrounds - sks

What’s even better than the QBU?

It’s a gun that used to be a fan favorite, The SKS.

I remember months ago watching streamers using the SKS on the PC version of the PUBG and the cool thing about the gun was it had no limit on firing rate speed. It was a single fire but it will fire as fast as you tap the mouse. So, streamers could literally fire 10 bullets in a single second and of course instantly eliminate anyone quicker than with any other weapon. The developers fixed that though and now the SKS resides in the number 6th position which is still very good. It uses 7.62 ammo which is sometimes a little less common than 5.56 ammo and it has a higher damage rate to other DMR’s like the QBU and the Mini 14. The reason it’s lower on this list is that without any attachments it has a lot of recoil and is pretty difficult to use at long range.

5. SLR


We are finally in the top 5 and the number 5 position goes to none other than the SLR. A newer weapon in this game the SLR is best described as a more powerful version of the SKS. So if you like the SKS, you’ll definitely enjoy the SLR.

This bolt action sniper rifle is as traditional of a bolt-action as you can get. It’s absolutely wonderful.

It has the highest damage out of any DMR that doesn’t come from the air drops. Moreover, it also has a longer range than the SKS. With 10 bullets in this gun extendable up to 20, you’ll absolutely destroy most players with this gun unless of course, they have an airdrop weapon.

It main downside is that it has higher recoil than the SKS and is a little harder to control. You’ll have to practice a lot in order to use the SLR efficiently but once you learn, you will easily see how this gun is better than the SKS.

4. KAR98k

player unknown battlegrounds - kar98k

For the longest time, one of my favorite weapons on this list was the gun that finds itself in the number 4 position – The Kar98K.

This bolt action sniper rifle is as traditional of a bolt-action as you can get. It’s absolutely wonderful. You can find it as common loot anywhere which is one of the best things about this gun, i.e, it’s very common. It is probably the most popular of all snipers in player unknown battlegrounds.

This gun also uses 7.62 ammo and has a base damage of 75 which is 3rd highest out of all snipers in this game. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons this gun doesn’t rank higher in our list is the only 5 bullets capacity that it comes with and it having perhaps one of the slowest firing rates out of any gun in this game as you need to load each individual bullet into the chamber to fire. It has one of the highest ranges out of any gun and in general, you’ll find great success with this gun.

3. MK 14


Do you know what’s better than the Kar98K? yes, you guessed it. The best DMR in Player unknown battlegrounds mobile version – The MK 14 EBR.

The MK 14 has the highest damage out of any DMR in PUBG Mobile and it even has the ability to fire full auto. It is only an air drop gun but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s good, really good. It has a damage of 61 and I mean that’s just insane considering it can fire full auto. The MK 14 has a ridiculously high recoil so be prepared for that but I mean if you can compensate that you’ll basically be unbeatable. Just like QBU this gun also has a bipod. So, if you’re wanting to fire full auto drop to the ground, lie prone and then when you hold down the firing button it’ll be way more stable. I seriously cannot recommend this gun enough, if you’re lucky enough to get it from airdrop – keep it.

2. M24


Closing in at the number 2 position, the second best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile is the second best bolt-action sniper in the game – The M24.

Did you want the Kar98k to be more powerful? Well, you got that with the M24. It’s a more deadly version of the Kar98k. In earlier updates, you could only find this gun from air drops which made it quite rare but now you can find it anywhere in the map that makes this the best sniper you can get outside of airdrop weapons. However, take into accounts this is still quite rare to find.

This gun has a base damage of 79 and that easily allows it to one-shot headshot any player as long as they’re not wearing a level three helmet.

The only downside with this gun is the fact that it has a relatively high bullet drop-off similar to the VSS, though not as extreme. So you’ll have to compensate for that more than with other snipers. It still doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile.

1. AWM


If you can recall, I asked you all if the AWM is the best sniper in PUBG Mobile. The truth is – Yes, it still is.

The AWM is your ideal sniper to have in this game and it’s so powerful, It even has to use it’s own custom ammo type. You can only get this weapon from airdrops and even that is not a guarantee which makes it one of the rarest weapons in player unknown battlegrounds.

This bolt-action sniper has a base damage of 120 literally, almost 3 times that of the mini-14 and that means it can one-shot kill with headshot even level 3 helmet won’t be saving anyone. It has the longest range out of every gun in the entire game. At long range, unless you really suck at aiming, only a hacker would be able to beat you if you have AWM. With the sheer fact of it being unstoppable, we can crown the AWM as the best sniper in the PUBG Mobile.

I asked you earlier to comment on what you thought the order of this list would be, how was yours different from the official list? Let me know down below, I’m curious about reading your responses.

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