As more and more weapons have been added into this game with each and every update, It is getting more and more complicated to figure out which are the worst and which are the best. I have decided to answer that in this article and create a list ranking each and every assault rifle in PUBG from worst to best. So without any further ado, let’s get started.


PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019)

So to start things off, in the number 9 position we have none other than one of the original guns of PUBG Mobile – The M16A4.

It hurts me in the inside to put this gun at the bottom of the list because honest to God, this is one of my favorite guns in the game. Many times I’ll purposely choose M16A4 over other guns, just to give myself a bit of a challenge. If I am unable to find a sniper or DMR, this is the next best thing. It is super stable but unfortunately, that’s not enough to rank it higher in this list. Due to it simply not being an auto fire gun, it can’t really compete in most combat scenarios to guns like Scar L, AKM or M416.

At times yes, this gun is better i.e mostly if you are using it at long range. It will be far superior to something like an AKM at long range, but then again, why not have an M24 for that? So yes, this is number 10 but it is still a great gun.


PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019)

In the number 8 position, we have another one of those famous burst fire rifles – The MK47 Mutant.

This is one of the newest guns on this list and I’m honestly a little surprised that a new gun is so low on the list. Generally, game developers tend to make new weapons better than the older ones. Now, I really like these burst fire guns and that is literally the same for every game in the world that has them – PUBG, Call of duty, Fortnite, and others. The problem is with this gun there is actually a fail-safe system implemented with it, where you can’t tap the firing button as fast as you can. If you tap too fast, it actually slows down the rate of fire.

Now Perhaps if you master this, you can do quite a bit of damage to the enemy players but when you have a fully automatic rifle against this, you won’t have to worry about firing too fast. So, you can just hold down that firing button and then get the job done. I wish this were higher but it can’t be.



Next up, moving into the number 7 position we have a gun which I personally would be happy to start the game off with after landing – The ScarL.

Now, I love this gun. It’s super balanced perhaps one of the most balanced weapons in this entire game. The main reason why this gun isn’t higher on the list is simply that how rare it is. You can rarely ever find this gun in the game anymore. For whatever reason, I’ll always find the M416 and M16A4 before the ScarL. Yes if I find it, I’ll probably rock with it for the game but there are still 7 other guns that are comparatively better then the ScarL.



Now we have come to a gun that is so similar to the Scar-L, I’m honestly quite surprised that it was even added into this game – The QBZ.

The only difference between QBZ and the Scar-L is that QBZ has slightly faster firing rate and slightly slower reloading time. I rate QBZ higher than ScarL because I personally would rather choose a gun with a faster firing rate than reloading rate almost always in any circumstance. You are generally going to kill most people with one mag so that reloading time is less important than the raw firing rate of the gun and that’s very important when it comes to PUBG Mobile. The QBZ is great for the close and medium range and it will completely destroy anyone you see up to 150m of range. Perfect for early game and perfect for end game. I recommend it.


PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019)

You know what gun is little bit better than the QBZ? well, to be fair its heck of a lot more rare than the QBZ but that doesn’t change the fact that its power is insane – The Groza.

Now Groza is one of your ultimate weapons for close range encounters. The downside to this gun is that it is an airdrop exclusive weapon and therefore, it will be very uncommon to see in matches. The fact of the matter is though, it still can’t compete with fully equipped M416. I personally would choose a Groza over most guns, simply because it’s rare and I like to use rare weapons but if you are a very competitive player you are better off choosing the M416 with all attachments long before the Groza. This gun is very difficult to use at long range and that paired with the simple fact that it is quite rare in the game puts it relatively low in the list despite it being quite powerful.

PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019) – Top 10! 1
PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019) – Top 10! 2


PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019)

In the number 4 position, we have got another airdrop exclusive weapon – The Aug A3.

Its a very solid gun but again just like with Groza, It only really shines at closer range. It will devastate at close range perhaps even faster than the any other gun out there but that isn’t enough to make it one of the most powerful ARs in the game. There are still a few guns that are overall more powerful than the AUG in PUBG Mobile.



Another one of the Relatively new guns on this list is a gun that a lot of people have as their favorites – The M762.

This is quite an impressive gun. I mean, it’s basically a slightly less powerful version of the AKM. A lot of people prefer M762 over the AKM and the main reason is that if you are able to compensate for the higher recoil of the M762, It can potentially perform a bit better. But if you’re average PUBG player who isn’t the professional streamer with perfect accuracy then the AKM would still be a bit better than this gun. M762 is super powerful, this thing shreds at close range and long range is sort of its weakness. You have to pair this gun with either the M24 or AWM and then you are set. It will get the job done in nearly any circumstance and as long as you can compensate recoil, you’ll find yourself coming out on top over the enemy player.



Closing in at the number 2 spot, the 2nd best AR in PUBG Mobile is a gun a lot of people reading probably have at the top of their list – The AKM.

This has been in the game forever and it has always stood true as a ridiculously strong AR that provides consistent damage output with a difficult learning curve. If you can master the AKM, you can basically use it in any match you play and find great success with it. It’s not the best weapon for long range but I guess you can kind of counter act that by single firing mode turned on.

The main reason AKM isn’t number 1 is that just like with other weapons on this list, this gun has a preference towards close and medium range. Keep it at those ranges and you’ll kill enemies far quicker than they can kill you. It takes a while to learn this gun but its worth it in the end.


PUBG Assault Rifles Ranked From Worst To Best(2019)

The M416 is your best assault rifle in PUBG Mobile but remember this is only the case if you have all attachments on it, especially the tactical stock. It’s a very balanced gun, balanced on the right side of the curve in literally every aspect. It’s easy to control, got high damage, great to use at the close, medium, and even long range at times.

The best thing about M416 is that it is pretty easy to find. This gun is so good with all attachments, Its better than most airdrop weapons. It is the most consistent gun you can get in PUBG Mobile and if there were ever a gun to recommend for you guys to play in competitive matches or simply to achieve personal record kill games. This is the gun to get, it won’t fail you.

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