PUBG Mobile Royal Pass For Free | 100% Working Trick

Royale Pass Season 7 For Free

Method 1

Are you finding it hard to rank up in PUBG Mobile Season 7 but don’t want to spend 800 Rs on buying PUBG Mobile Royal Pass season 7? Well, If your answer to the above question is Yes then you are at the right place. The trick explained in this article works 100%. Just follow every step as explained below and you will have 600 UC or more by the end of it. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

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First of all, you will need to remove all Gmail accounts linked with the Play store. Go to Settings> Accounts and remove all the Gmail accounts linked with your device.


Now, long press on Google Play Store icon and click on App info > Storage and clear data and cache.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass For Free | 100% Working Trick 3
Clear Data and Cache


In the third step, Open Play Store and log in with your Gmail account which is at least 2 months old. For this trick to work, it is very important that your Gmail account is older than 2 months or more.


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Get PUBG Season 5 and 6 Royal Pass For Free!

Now, Start PUBG Mobile and click on “+” sign on the top right corner of PUBG Mobile home screen. From here, you should select the option of UC 60 for Rs 79, a Google Play pop-up screen will appear, click on Buy. It will ask for your Gmail Password to Verify. Here, you should wait for 5 seconds and press back without entering the password. Now, Another Pop-up screen will appear asking if you have forgotten your Google Password. Click on No Thanks. It will take you back again to the same screen asking for your Gmail password to verify the purchase. Here, finally again press back and Voila! you will get a 75 Rs discount and you can buy UC 60 worth Rs 79 for just Rs 4.

Get PUBG Season 5 and 6 Royal Pass For Free!

Finally, Make a purchase of 60 UC worth Rs 4 and repeat steps 1 – 4, 10 times with 10 different Gmail Ids to get 600 UC worth Rs 800 at a bargain price of only Rs 40. If you don’t have 10 Gmail Id’s then you can ask for ID and password from your family and friends.

Get PUBG Season 5 and 6 Royal Pass For Free!

You can use this 600 UC to purchase Season 6 Royal pass. Once, you get yourself Season 6 Royal Pass just complete daily missions to get UC as rewards after ranking up. You will get 600 UC as rewards if you rank up to 100 RP which you can use to get yourself Season 7 PUBG Mobile Royal pass for absolutely free.

Do let us know if you know any other cool trick to get PUBG Royal Pass for Free in the comments down below.

** UPDATE **

The above trick now works when you purchase 400 Rs UC instead of Rs 79.

New Method

For now, the only way to get Free Elite Royale Pass is by referring Apps. There are plenty of apps on iOS and Android which give Paytm cash when you refer those apps to your friends and family, which you can further use to purchase Royale Pass.

Download Databuddy

You can easily earn up to Rs 210 with this app and transfer to PayTm. All you need to do is download this app, and invite your friends and family. Each friend who joins and installs this app, you’ll get Rs 10. There will easily be more than 20 WhatsApp contacts in your mobile, who you can refer this app too. Moreover, this app also lets you also earn money for simple tasks like installing a few apps or watching videos.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass For Free | 100% Working Trick 4

you can download Databuddy from Here

Download TaskBucks

Just like Databuddy, TaskBucks also let you earn simple PayTm cash for referring their app to your family and friends.

You can earn up to 63 Rs every day by simply referring their app to 3 friends only. Surely, you’ll have 3-4 smartphones in your home in any case like a smartphone of your sibling, your parents. You can start by inviting them and installing TaskBucks on their devices. On Top of that, they also give extra cash on completing a few tasks on their app.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass For Free | 100% Working Trick 5

You can download TaskBucks from Here

***UPDATE*** METHOD 3 | 100% Working

New PayTm Trick For Pubg Mobile Royal Pass

If the above tricks don’t work for you, you can still get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass for free with this new trick which I’ll explain step by step below.

In this trick, instead of 2 months old Gmail Ids, you’ll need working mobile numbers. No matter if its a new connection or old.


There is only one precondition, that is the Number Should not be Registered with PayTm already.



Install PayTm, If you have not already.

Once Installed, Open PayTm, It will ask for Login or create a new account, select create a new account and Enter your number, It will send you OTP to confirm your identity, enter OTP and you will get registered.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass season 6 free
Click on Passbook

Now click on Passbook, It will pop up a screen asking for your KYC.

Select Voter ID and enter some random numbers followed by GTD, for example, GTD6869642 and also enter some random name. Finally, click on Submit.

Now in the next screen, Click Add Money to PayTm Wallet, and enter amount Rs 40.

At the bottom of the screen, click on enter the different promo code and enter new40 promo code, and click on Apply and Add Money.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass season 6 free
Click on PayTm Gold and Sell.

That’s all. Rs 40 or Rs 40 Gold will be added to your PayTm wallet. If you receive Gold like I did, just sell It to get the cash.


Now, most importantly to get cash back again and again, Install Parallel Space App.

Parallel Space App lets you Clone PayTm and other apps in a single device. That is you can Install 2 PayTm apps in one device with two different accounts.

Now, Follow the same steps from 2 – 7.

Once you receive Rs 40 or Rs 40 Gold as Gift, Send the amount as Gift to your Original PayTm number to combine the cash.

Once, you transfer the amount, exit the Parallel Space App. Now long press on Parallel Space App, Go to app settings, and clear the data storage and Cache.

To get the cash reward again and promo code to work, you should always clear data and cache for every new sign up number.

Nowadays, in every household, there are 4-5 working numbers, and some individuals even have 2 SIM cards, since, Most phones today are Dual SIM phones. So, It should not be hard to get the cash you want to buy the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass season 7 for free.

Please let me know in comments down below if this worked for you. And If you face trouble and have doubts you can ask me that as well in comments down below. Hope, this will help.



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