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Have you purchased Royale Pass for the first time this season?

If you have purchased RP for the first time this season and you believe that by just completing all the royale pass missions you will easily reach 100 RP in playerunknown’s battlegrounds then I will have to be the bearer of bad news and tell you, no that is not possible.

Match 1 Highlights

Benefits of Reaching 100 RP Rank.

  • The choice to pick between two rare costumes i.e Phantom Catgirl Set or Hardened Veteran Set
  • You will unlock the ‘’PERFECTIONIST” achievement which will give you 2 crate coupons.
  • 7 days unlimited Room Card, 30 UC

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100 RP in playerunknown's battlegrounds
Roaring Dragon Set

PUBG season 12 started on 06 March 2020 and it will end on 11 May 2020. These 57 days are divided into 8 weeks. Each week you get 10 missions (5 missions of 50 RP, 3 of 75 RP, 1 of 150 RP, and 1 of 100 RP i.e total 725 RP a week). So in total, there will be 40 missions of 50 RP and 24 missions of 75 RP, 8 missions of 150 RP, and 8 missions of 100 RP.

On completing 10 missions each week, you will get to unlock a crate containing 200 RP. And you also get a daily mission worth 30 RP. On top of that, you also get 10 RP on your daily login.

Let’s do quick math to understand why you cannot reach 100 RP easily
  • Challenge Missions 725×8 = 5800 points
  • Daily Missions 30×57=  1710 points
  • Daily Log In 10×57= 570 points
  • 200 RP Crate after completing 10 missions 8×200= 1600 Points 

Total : 5800+1710+570+1600 = 9680 points

As you can see for yourself, even if you complete all the ordinary, elite, daily missions, Collect all the daily log in RP and 200 RP crates after completing 10 missions still at the end of the season 12, you will be 320 RP short of reaching 100 RP rank i.e your rank would be 96.8.

This brings us to the million dollars question( *pun intended) How can you reach 100 RP rank in PUBG Mobile?

Well, I got the answer for you.

Things You Need To Do To Reach 100 RP Rank

1. Always Remember To Collect Daily Events Monday Log In Reward

You will also get a reward of 10 to 15 UC every Monday. Don’t forget you get your reward before it expires.

2. Open Premium/Classic/ PUBG Lucky Crates

How To Reach 100 RP in PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds? 1
Premium coupon crate

You Get 10 RP for every premium and classic crate you open and 5 RP for every lucky crate.

You can get classic and premium coupon scarps from clan shops or redeem them with silver. You can combine these scraps to get yourself classic and premium coupons which you can later redeem to get 10 RP for every premium or classic crate you open.

3. Purchase RP (Last Resort)

Last but not least you can also buy RP.  Before the end of a season, PUBG usually lets the player buy 200 RP for around 150 rupees or 2 dollars. The option to buy 200 RP will be available just a few days before the end of a season in-game shop.

If you have purchased Elite pass last season then you will know how hard it is to reach playerunknown’s battlegrounds 100 RP rank but I have good news for you. Last season you must have received point card containing 500 RP like the one shown in the above image. Hurry! and use it right now before it expires and you will not have to hassle this season. Complete a few event missions and you will reach 100 RP in playerunknown’s battleground easily.


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