If you are here, then most likely you are having trouble being productive. In this blog post, I’ll share with you The Best 5 Android Apps To Keep You Productive.

Now, to be honest, right up front. None of these apps work quite like that creepy piano in the movie Coraline. None of them are going to make your computer sprout robotic arms that grab your hands and literally make them start typing.

However, what they do provide is what I like to call training wheels for the brain because as I’m sure, you’re well aware — left to its own devices, your brain is liable to get distracted by cat videos instead of actually doing the work that you have set out to do.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and felt that way, so today I’ll share with you The best 5 android apps that force you to get your work done.

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Indistracable Launcher

Android Apps To Keep You Productive

The first app that you see when you unlock your phone is the launcher. No matter what launcher you use, I recommend keeping it minimal with only one or two widgets on the homepage.

A couple of your favorite apps put inside of folders and only your most necessary apps on the dock.

If you are addicted to an app or a game and you can’t push yourself to uninstall it, then at least avoid putting it on your home screen.

This way you won’t get reminded about it every time you unlock the phone and make it harder on yourself to find the app within the app drawer. However, nothing will make you more productive than an actual launcher dedicated to this goal.

Indistracable launcher is dedicated to minimizing unwanted distractions. The title pretty much says it all. There are only two screens found within this launcher, the first one includes the time, date, the progress of the day or year in percentage and a list of your necessary apps down below.

The text that says — Calls — opens the phone app. Tasks — Lets you create a checklist of the things that your want to focus on for the day. And, then you can also include up to four of your favorite apps.

Swiping to the right will pull up the second screen, which has all of your apps in a list format and it includes a search bar.

Long pressing in app brings up a menu that lets you add it to your favorite, Hide it, rename it or even uninstall it.

That’s the entire launcher. It’s very simple and within the settings, you can modify it a bit but it’s not going to let you change much. The whole idea is to create a clutter-free, minimalist launcher to help you keep focused.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

One of the best ways to become productive when using your phone is being well aware of what apps you use the most and how long you use your phone.

Digital Wellbeing by Google is a great way to learn about your phone using habits, it even comes pre-installed with in most Android devices.

Just check the system setting to find it and it will let you know how long you use your phone each day and what apps you use the most, how long you use those apps, how many times you’ve unlocked the phone, the number of received notifications, and the number of times you’ve opened an app.

You can even set app timers to lock yourself out of addicting apps when you go over the set time limit and if you just want to automatically lock distracting apps, for a set time period, for one year in a zoom meeting at school or work, you can do so with focus mode.

The apps also makes it easier to put down your phone at night with bedtime mode since it’ll remind you that it’s time to sleep.

It’s the perfect app to pinpoint noisy apps and to let you take control of your phone using habits.


Action Dash - Android Apps To Keep You Productive

I do know that not every phone supports digital wellbeing so a great alternative that has pretty much the same functionality is ActionDash.

It records your screen time, number of apps you use, focus mode, bedtime mode, app timers, number of notifications, and any other feature found within Digital Wellbeing.

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock - Android Apps To Keep You Productive

The next app to help you keep productive is very simple yet quite useful if you can’t stop checking your phone. It’s called — Unlock Clock.

It’s a live wallpaper that displays the number of times you’ve unlocked your smartphone throughout the day. So, once you unlock it, the number increases by one, and by midnight the number reset back to zero. Simple as that.

Lock Me Out

Lock me out - Android Apps To Keep You Productive

Just from the name alone I’m pretty sure you can guess what this app does. It just locks you out of your phone completely for a set amount of time.

You won’t be able to access your games, apps, notifications — basically NOTHING.

You can even set rules for example: if you used your phone for more than two hours, the app will lock you out for one hour. If screen time for specific apps exceeds 10 minutes or you opened those apps for more than 10 times even then you can get locked out for an hour.

It’s a bit harsh but necessary, if you’r addicted to your phone. You can also just schedule lockout periods and if you’d like, you can choose what apps you are allowed to choose while your are booted out of your phone.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are a ton more features found within this Lock Me Out app.

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