The game is part of the life of any person. Some play musical instruments, some soccer, and chess, and some are interested in computer games. Game consoles are in the hierarchy of entertainment and they occupy a special position. More than 30 years have passed since the appearance on the open spaces of our vast country of the first game console “Well, wait a minute!”, Which has won the
hearts of adults and children? Since then, the army of fans of game consoles is only growing.

True, modern game consoles are already high-performance specialized systems, sharpened for the calculation of complex graphics games. Their price tags are solid, games also cost a pretty penny, but excitement and exciting leisure are worth it. Right?

Here are some of the Best SONY game consoles:

Gaming Consoles

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

If it was very difficult to realize its potential at the time of the release of the recommended game console (late 2016) – there was neither a large selection of 4K TVs and HDR10 format nor a sufficient number of ported games in ultra-high resolution, now the situation has improved significantly. At the same time, the advantages of the Pro version of the PS4 console are quite obvious. Moreover, the next update of the PlayStation line is expected in two years, and I want a high-quality picture on the screen today. The latter is formed using both
native 4K and upscaling of 1080p resolution and various tricky tricks. It must be admitted that the second is much more common here. Among other shortcomings of the PS4 Pro, we note incompatibility with old and cross-platform games, as well as noticeable working noise.

The main advantages

  • Exclusive games of the PlayStation platform.
  • The ability to display pictures in 4K.
  • Support for virtual reality technology.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

If you don’t want to spend extra money or don’t see the point in acquiring a UHD TV, but do you like games that do not exist outside the PlayStation ecosystem? Then take a look at this console. Compared to the “simple” PS4, the Slim version does not offer anything revolutionary, but its case is more compact and less heated. Virtual reality glasses are supported, a set of wireless interfaces
has been updated, and the joystick has learned to work via USB. For fans of martial arts, this is a clear plus. The console loses the flagship of the family, and this is quite expected. Keep in mind that even when connected to Full HD TVs, Slim will yield to Pro in picture quality, as it has no analog to supersampling mode, in which the future image is first processed in higher resolution and then scaled to a smaller one.

The main advantages

  • Exclusive gaming products.
  • Compact size and reduced weight.
  • The ability to connect VR glasses.

The best retro consoles

retro gaming console

SEGA Magistr X

If in classic consoles games were downloaded from cartridges, the modern design of retro consoles allows using a memory card for these purposes. And although not all nostalgic gamers like this technical advancement, it’s easier to assemble your own collection of your favourite arcade shooters precisely in electronic form.

However, SEGA Magistr X also has a “starter pack” of a couple of hundred toys (the exact number depends on the version of the
console). There are no emulations of other platforms in this console, saving is impossible, modern plasma panels for displaying a game picture are not suitable, but the affordable price of the device pays for everything.

The quality of work is so-so, although the recommended Magistr is assembled not in distant China, but in the domestic Zelenograd.

The main advantages

  • The ability to run games from a memory card.

Dendy master

Unlike the 16-bit SEGA discussed above, the Dendy-branded game console allows the use of traditional 8-bit cartridges but does not support modern types of media. A very controversial decision, given the price ratio of the console itself and the average cartridge to it.

Fortunately, the manufacturer nevertheless made a compromise and equipped the Masters with a built-in library of games. As in the case of Magistr X, two versions of the console are on sale. The younger one has a shorter list of pre-installed toys and an external power
adapter, the older one has a richer choice, and the power supply is located inside the case. From the point of view of maintaining normal temperature and maintainability, the first is preferable.

The main advantages

  • Allows you to use cartridges with games.

The best portable game consoles

portable gaming console

Nintendo switch

Without detracting from the gaming advantages of conventional tablets and smartphones, we note that specialized solutions have always surpassed the “generalists” in terms of convenience and functionality. In addition, many interesting projects simply do not adapt to mobile iOS or Android.

Accordingly, to enjoy the passage they only allow portable consoles. And we have not yet remembered the cooperative mode, for which nothing needs to be bought for Switch. Let’s pay tribute to the Nintendo engineers, their pair of Joy-Con – the best that was invented to control game consoles in different modes. Well, the
way to transmit video to a TV through a special docking station is much more
practical than using cunning wireless technologies. In general, if you need an
advanced hybrid device,

The main advantages

  • Several use cases.
  • Self-contained equipment.
  • Good performance (by mobile standards).

SEGA Genesis Gopher 2

A simple, inexpensive, handheld game console for retro games. Such a high rating in the rating, which we put to the second generation of Genesis Gopher, should be perceived as relative. Yes, the recommended console and next to it on the shelf did not lie with games of class AAA, but its price tag is also shorter than the number compared to the cool portables of other brands. At the same time, the quality of the graphics of the same Aladdin is absolutely not inferior to the beauties of other modern platformers. And even some kind of “physics” in the named toy is present.

A peculiar feature of Genesis Gopher 2 is the ability to save, which the old consoles did not have. In addition, this device allows you to emulate the operation of some other consoles and, thus, run “step-by-step” games. By the way, the choice of 500 pre-installed retro games at any time can be expanded using a memory card.

The main advantages

  • Many decent games without ads.
  • Emulation of five types of consoles.
  • Convenient form factor.

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