We saw a lot of interesting gadgets in 2018 but I want to stop and look at some of the most unique pieces from the year. So, without any further ado let’s check out some of the most unique gadgets of 2018 which have caught our eye.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Let’s start with the Xbox One Adaptive Controller. Now, this to me is a game changer no pun intended. For some of us who love gaming, It is kind of hard to imagine a life where you can’t play. So it’s really awesome that Xbox created a controller that is created for people with limited mobility to actually go ahead and be able to play games and for everyone with limited mobility their needs may be different and that’s what makes this thing special.

Xbox Adaptive Controller basically acts as a hub to a bunch of different inputs. so, that you can go ahead and customize this and have it adapt to the person who’s using it. I just think Microsoft is doing an amazing job by doing things to make gaming more inclusive and accessible to people with limited mobility.

Xbox Adaptive controller is easily one of the most unique gadgets that we’ve seen in 2018. especially, since you can completely customize it based on someone’s needs.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

HP Folio Spectre Convertible 13

It is one of the most unique laptops that i have seen this year. So this laptop is unique for a few different reasons. First, being its body. It has got a leather case like body which is really nice if you want to take this into the professional world. You want to go to work and want to look nice and clean. you got something that’s nice and slim and with this leather profile, it looks like you’re just walking with your portfolio or something. Now, this thing is called convertible because one, it can work in a laptop mode and there’s also a straight-up tablet mode. There’s a lot of option to choose from in a sleek design like this.

What makes this thing very unique in my opinion is a feature that I’ve only been introduced to pretty recently and that’s the inclusion of Intel’s 7560 modem. The most mind-blowing aspect of this is being able to travel and not rely on public Wi-Fi networks. This easily takes a spot in the most unique gadgets of 2018 that I’ve seen.

HP Folio Spectre Convertible 13

Oppo Find X

Next Up guys, We’ve got the Oppo Find X. This guy is here for two reasons. One, for the bezel-less display and two, the camera. The most striking feature is that this camera has a motor that pops up and allows it to have this full-screen display without the notch. Now, I think this was the most innovative design in hiding a camera and even unlocking the phone you feel like James Bond. This thing is really really cool. It having a motor may cause some issues in terms of the longevity of the phone but you can’t deny the fact that this is actually a very innovative design and not to mention it gives you room for all the screen and no notch which we saw way too much of in 2018.

Oppo Find X

Apple Watch Series 4

When It comes to unique gadgets for 2018, there’s no way we can’t mention the Apple Watch Series 4. Now not necessarily the Apple watch itself but the ECG technology that the Apple put inside. And for those of you who aren’t familiar, the ECG records an electrocardiogram which basically represents the electrical pulses that make your heart beat.

So, now that the Apple watch series 4 can read your electrical pulses using the crystal that’s under the watch itself, as well as your finger on the actual crown and with this it is going to be able to detect your heart rate and then let you know if you are possibly in AFib. AFib basically means having an irregular heartbeat. It doesn’t tell you if you’re having a stroke or a heart attack but being in AFib is a symptom of having a stroke or heart attack but the Apple watch itself doesn’t detect those things, let’s be very clear about that.

Now for me this is really unique and cool because now consumers have access to this information and they can share it with their doctors and get the kind of help they need, If they find that they are in AFib.

Apple Watch Series 4

Nintendo Labo

Last on our list of unique gadgets of 2018 is actually from another game maker and that’s Nintendo. So, Nintendo created the Nintendo Labo which is really cool and interesting way for kids to do a little bit more outside of just playing with their console. So this whole thing becomes a project for kids. Some can take as long as 10 minutes to make or two hours. So if you have been looking for your kids to go ahead and do something that’s more than just stay behind a screen then Nintendo Labo is a great gadget for that. This is a nice creative way for them to do a bit more than just sit behind the screen and mash some buttons.

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