The PUBG Mobile developers have been trying really hard to patch every secret location and glitch since the inception of the game. It may be 2020 and guess what? They haven’t been done just yet!

You may think you know every secret location and glitch in PUBG Mobile and if you are one of them, I am here to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG!

There are some things out there that you never knew existed before in this game. Likewise, You will be surprised to find secret locations I am about to show you. In this blog post, I’ll tell you top new secret locations in PUBG Mobile you never knew before. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: Some of these are glitches. So, you do have a chance of being banned if you try some of these out yourself. My best advice would be to try these glitches out in a solo match and don’t kill anyone taking advantage of these glitches, that way you can try these out yourself without the risk of being banned.

Secret Location – ERANGEL(PRISON)

Secret Locations PUBG MOBILE

For the first secret location play the game on the Erangel map. It can be normal mode or winter mode doesn’t really matter.

Head to the prison. After you finally make your way to the prison, kill a few annoying bots if you happen to come across some and then make your way to the watchtower shown in the image and climb all the way up to the top. Once you are all the way up top, jump sideways up on to the rail and then climb all the way up, the very top of watch tower like shown in the image.

Once you are on the very top of the watchtower, line yourself to the tree right in front of you and then run and jump directly towards the tree as shown in the image.

Secret areas to hide in pubg mobile

You’ll notice that you’ll actually land on a side branch. If you thought that’s a good hiding place on the branch of a tree. Well, wait till you find out about the glitch. You can literally hide inside the trunk of the tree, only your arms are visible that too if someone looks out with great interest. If you are one of those players who likes to wait out and play safe. Well, this can be a great hiding place for you.

Secret location in Prison


For secret location number 2 to work, you need to be playing the Erangel map in the winter mode. What you need to do is go to the big building marked on the map in the military base in the image.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 1

After you jump out the plane and you land right towards this building, you might want to rummage around a little bit to get yourself a gun to fend against the many opponents who might land there as well since the military base is usually a high action zone.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 2
Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 3

Once you are loaded, you are going to find, I guess shelves in one of the rooms in the building. Crouch and get under those shelves and then spam your snowboard button. Just keep taping it as fast as you can and then you’ll glitch way up, right through the roof.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 4

This way you’ll get to the roof you can’t otherwise normally. No one will ever see you coming and it’s awesome!


This next one is not really a glitch rather a more practical secret location, which I guess, you guys should try out.

On the far eastern side of Pochinki, just follow what I tell you here!

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 5

Just climb on top of the wall like shown in the picture.

Run and grab the wall of the blue building as shown in the image down below.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 6
Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 7

Be careful and don’t fall off, and, if you do this right, you can jump right on top of the small building next to this blue building like shown in the image.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 8

Simple as that and when you lie prone on top of that small building, you are in one of the safest places in all of Pochinki. Nothing can kill you other than flag grenades and Molotovs and this is only when people know where you are because there is not even a single area from where an enemy can actually shoot you from, other than of course if they decide to get on top of that blue building themselves.

It is a very safe area and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are into camping in this game. If you want to kill people, you can crouch or stand fully to take aim and shoot at them and the second they spot you can always go prone to avoid being getting shot.


If you liked the last secret location, you know what’s an even better location?

This spot on Ports in Vikendi, as you can see on the far northern area of the map.

I will show you guys a secret room in this sunken ship. Follow the steps shown in the video below since it’s a little bit difficult. There are a lot of steps involved here but if you follow the steps shown in the video below, it’s pretty much self-explanatory.


After you get to this spot shown in the photo down below be a little bit careful because PUBG does have a tendency of launching your character off the ship for some weird reason.

Top NEW Secret Locations In PUBG Mobile! |2020|(New Update) 9
ship’s cabin

When you get to the spot, you will notice the door of the ship’s cabin is open from both ends. So, be careful while jumping in to make sure you don’t fall out of the ship from the door at the bottom.

If you do it right, you can land in one of the most secret locations in PUBG mobile. If the final circle is miraculously here in Vikendi, you’ll have the gold mine area. No one’s going to know you are here and you have pretty much got the remaining game set. Try this out!

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