We live in an era where everything changes every day. Revolution and advancement are the main pillars of today’s world. Along with all these, the definition of superpowers has also changed. Now superpowers are not about flying in the sky, but it’s about high-speed internet because it lives in the digital generation. Technology has not only facilitated our lives but also has changed the way we think, work, and feel.

Lives have turned complex, though, but they are also more productive with this revolution. Every new gadget or product comes with the fact that humans are inventing powers that no one in the past would even imagine. One such invention, boon, and the gift of technology is the internet.

The internet is a very crucial component for everyone and needs no introduction. The internet is vital, but one more thing which is very important is the internet provider. The internet is known for its speed and the fact that it made the world a global village. To race in today’s world, we need a provider, which is just like the winning horse of the race, which provides speed, quality, and quantity, all at the same time. And, in this world it is essential to have a stable network, you are welcome to read more about it.

And today, we bring to you some of the unacknowledged powers of the new Wi-Fi Router, which is our all-time Superhero. Wi-Fi Routers have come a long way; initially, they were wired, complicated, and very expensive in comparison to their services, but now the new internet providers have all the qualities that a customer wishes for. Some of such attributes are:

Reliability and Convenience:

WiFi Router Has a Superpower

Wi-Fi Routers are now able to have dual or tri-band capacities. A customer can choose the range (long/short) and speed of the internet according to their current requirements. For the Wi-Fi Router, the only thing that matters is the convenience of the customer.

These moveable routers have made sure that no one should get annoyed due to the wires and their mess ever again. Another big issue that is now solved that the wired routers used to get obsolete in very less time, whereas the new routers promise long and secured service.

More Extended and Easy Access:

 We live in a generation where everyone wants everything fast and instinct. Our generation is lucky enough because we never run out of the internet. There were times when only a few devices were able to enjoy the internet at a time, that too, at a particular place or area of the house. 

Now lives are blessed with 24/7 internet available in every corner of the house for everyone. There will be no fear of no signal sign on your screen, or any situation of download/upload failure will never occur. Interruption between activities online due to the wrong internet network can be very irritating and embarrassing and can cause damage to the work.

Consumer’s Choice: 

Life becomes comfortable and happy when you get precisely what you wish for. The new age broadband works according to your preference. These are not only very easy to navigate but also decipher. 

The advancements in the world of Wi-Fi routers brought a wealth of new and different features for the people to enjoy. The router’s range is in your hands. I don’t want your child to use the internet during exams, you can quickly stop that. 

Bandwidth Control: 

The new Wi-Fi routers not only give you the control to select which app should get more access and which app not, but it also gives you the advantages of adding guest/visitor users. You can also restrict and limit access according to your needs.

In all, it’s your choice if your Instagram should get more access and speed than your Facebook or if Netflix downloads should get prioritization over any other download. Isn’t this cool, like your phone upgrades can wait!


Now, a lot of people think that the new Wi-Fi routers are costly, and hence they believe it can be a wrong decision to buy these, but here is the truth, whenever we compare prices of two things, we also compare the services provided by both. In this case, the old broadband was cheap but also came with annoying wires, slow and low internet speed, and a very uncomfortable setup. Whereas the new Wi-Fi routers are though a bit expensive, but they provide so much more than before that they are always worth it. 

Therefore what I meant to say was the rise in the price of routers is less than the quality and services provided by them now.
In all, the Wi-Fi routers are serving us in all ways possible. Our lives today revolve around technology, and there is a great need for every person to cope up with the latest technologies and trends to keep up with the growing world. My aim to write this article was not to make you buy a Wi-Fi router. Still, it assured you that if you buy a Wi-Fi router, you won’t regret it plainly, and for those who already brought routers but were unaware of these super qualities, go and check that Is your Router a Superhero?

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